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Atlanta Workforce Development Agency
818 Pollard Blvd., SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30315
Tel: 404.546.3000
Fax: 404.546.6892

Executive Director
Michael T. Sterling

Executive Assistant 
Phyllis D. Bryant 
Tel: 404.546.3026

Director of Operations 
Tammy Lipsey 
Tel: 404.546.3002

Deputy Director of Operations 
Lillie Madali 
Tel: 404.546.3050

Director of Finance
Karen B. Simmons 
Tel: 404.546.3056

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Outreach
Lance Irvin
Tel: 404.546.3023

Director of Performance Management 
Phillip Olaleye 
Tel: 404.546.3087

Business Relationship Manager 
Amit Khanduri
Tel: 404.546.3084

Communications Director
Jennifer Ogunsola 
Tel: 404.546.3035


From Mobile Devices
Dial: 711

 Michael T. Sterling

Executive Director
Michael T. Sterling

I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency (AWDA) and to serve the people of Atlanta.

As the workforce system of the City of Atlanta, the work that AWDA does is important and needed now more than ever. Providing job seekers with resources to attain sustainable employment and collaborating with business leaders for the recruitment and development of their labor needs is essential to the financial future and economic growth of our great city.

The Atlanta Workforce Development Agency’s work is directly tied to Atlanta’s achievements in public safety, economic development, affordable housing and education. A strong workforce system creates opportunities for residents to support their families and contribute to their communities. The revitalization of our neighborhoods through business recruitment, retention, expansion, job creation and development of a skilled workforce are all key areas that will help to accomplish the goal of a strong and diverse economy for Atlanta.

I look forward to the work ahead in making the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency a best-in-class organization that ensures that Atlanta residents and graduates have pathways to sustainable employment. Within my first few months as Executive Director of the AWDA, my team and I worked together to establish five pillars in our approach to achieving a brighter future.

We will work to:

  • Employ a disciplined, dynamic, dedicated and well-trained team of workforce professionals.
  • Achieve excellence in customer service.
  • Secure long-term financial success and fiscal integrity.
  • Maintain a data-driven and performance based system of service.
  • Create a network of collaboration between public, private, non-profit and education stakeholders.

Recognizing the unprecedented challenges that our residents have faced during the national recession, AWDA and our partners in the workforce system are working diligently to enhance the services that we provide and develop innovative strategies to ensure that Atlanta’s workers and employers have the support and assistance that they need.

I look forward to the incredible things that we will all accomplish together. Our team is working every day to make sure that the doors of opportunity are open for everyone in the City of Atlanta, no matter their situation or circumstance.

Michael T. Sterling
Executive Director
Atlanta Workforce Development Agency

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