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News Review
Dale Russell's Unscrupulous Attack on Mayor Kasim Reed's Family
Posted Date: 2/27/2017 10:15 PM
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 27, 2017

News Release

Dale Russell's Unscrupulous Attack on Mayor Kasim Reed's Family

Director of Communications Anne Torres responds to Russell’s February 27 News Segment

ATLANTA – Dale Russell has spent the last seven years of his career creating misleading and sensationalized stories that attack Mayor Reed. He has investigated Mayor Reed’s mother, father and brother. This includes producing more than 50 stories on Mayor Reed which have alleged some form of impropriety, none of which have been substantiated or demonstrated any verifiable wrong doing of any kind. 

For example, after producing stories for more than 24 months alleging that an airport vendor with ties to Mayor Reed had committed theft, Mr. Russell personally pursued a criminal investigation against this vendor. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard found no evidence to indicate wrong doing had occurred, and as a result, closed the inquiry.

In 2012, Mr. Russell also repeatedly highlighted stories alleging impropriety with airport concession contracts. Once again, in three different judicial proceedings, the city of Atlanta presented the facts about the airport concessions process and prevailed each time.

Notably, although Mr. Russell is consistently proven wrong, there is not a single instance where he has ever apologized for his sensationalized, frequently manufactured stories. Consequently, he takes no responsibility as a journalist by correcting the record with the same intensity with which he has smeared the reputations of this Administration, and the vast majority of fine women and men who run this city every day efficiently and with integrity every day.

Because of his failure to personally damage Mayor Reed, he has now shifted his hunt to attacking the Mayor's 74 year old father who is battling cancer.

This story is yet one more failed attempt to create a false controversy and smear anyone who is close to Mayor Reed. In this instance, Russell has crafted a narrative which suggests that city employees, contractors and the Mayor’s father have broken the law. This smear is factually untrue. The story can only be viewed as an attempt to disparage the Administration, public employees and small businesspeople in order to justify his continued employment.

Mr. Russell has an obligation to be honest with his viewers but instead disregards basic standards of fair and responsible journalism. Sadly, today's story is no different and represents yet another new low.