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City of Atlanta’s Workforce Strategy

Executive Summary

Invest Atlanta Workforce Strategy

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 2014 5 Year Local Plan

The Atlanta Workforce Development Agency is the City of Atlanta’s One Stop Center in providing universally accessible workforce development services for job seekers including adults, youth customers and employers. AWDA is MARTA accessible, with a stop right at its corporate office.

Normal operating hours are from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday; however the corporate office remains open as late as 9:00 PM for scheduled training classes.

For job seekers, AWDA offers a number of services and training opportunities to help participants prepare and obtain work.  If you are interested in our services, you must reside in the city of Atlanta, register online, and attend an orientation on Mondays at 9:00AM.  You can register here if you are an Atlanta resident.


AWDA Hosts Porsche Cars North America, Inc., and Whiting-Turner Contracting Company to Discuss Future Workforce Development Opportunities in Atlanta

 Joseph Folz, Geral Counsel and SecretaryLouis Rossi, VP Whiting-Turner
 Top Left Image:  Joseph Folz, General Counsel and Secretary, Porsche Cars North America, Inc.  Bottom Image:  Louis Rossi, Vice President, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company.   
Meet Darius Snow

Darrius SnowTeen Nick Halo Awards recipient Darrius Snow, 23, started working for Atlanta Workforce Development Agency (AWDA) his junior year of high school, where he was assigned as a Step Team Coach, assisting the employees at Visions Summer Camp, with teaching the youth drill steps.

Working with the youth that summer, in addition to being a part of the Bankhead community’s “B TEAM Foundation”, may just have been the thing that inspired Snow to develop his own non-profit organization, “TEAM Foundation”, where he is a mentor, motivator and role model to youth.

After Darrius’ summer stint with Visions, the next year he graduated from Fredrick Douglas High School, interned through AWDA with the Atlanta Municipal Courthouse as a Case Manager, and then left Atlanta, Georgia, for Voorhees College in Denmark, South Carolina, where he majored in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance. During Snow’s stint at the Atlanta Municipal Courthouse, “I was so good they wanted me back,” stated Snow. And for the next two summers, he would come home to a summer job. In 2012, Darrius’ junior year of College, he decided to take a summer internship as the Communications & Marketing Director of a non-profit organization in Denmark, South Carolina, called “eSmart”. It was at “eSmart” where he would hone his skills in marketing and design. “I’ve always liked marketing and promotions,” said Snow; “And graphics and design came easy to me, which made the perfect fit for the job.”

As a 2013, graduate of Voorhees College, Darrius Snow is back with Atlanta Workforce Development Agency using his degree in Finance to assist the Agency. “I went to school to learn something I didn’t know,” said Darrius. “And finance was it.” Working in the Finance Department of AWDA, assigned to the Mayor’s Summer Youth Program, falls right in line with Darrius’ mission, as he prepares for graduate school at Alabama A& M University, in the Fall, with plans of obtaining a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Management.

“We are so proud of Darrius,” stated Deborah Lum, Executive Director of AWDA. “It’s always a great feeling when our youth come back and share their accomplishments, talents and skills with us in such a significant way.”
Sharing is one of Snow’s biggest attributes, as this Teen Nick Halo Awards recipient has plans to share his life story through his book debut “Broken Cycle” this Fall; positioning himself to be the voice of today and tomorrow, with a message of social responsibility and hope.

 Meet Jackie Hammett, "One Woman and a Tool Box"

Jackie HammettJackie came to Atlanta Workforce Development Agency (AWDA) many years ago, where she received training assistance from AWDA to attend Atlanta Technical College, obtaining a certificate in HVAC. That one certificate in HVAC, led to a number of other certifications, providing one woman with all the tools she needed to become a ‘Jill of all trades’. Hammett is able to do appliance maintenance, (pool care, heat pump basic, electricity flame safe guard, electronic controls, basic pneumatics, heating A/C fundamentals, etc.) drywall repair, and installation for light fixtures as well as plumbing.

In addition to Jackie Hammett’s 15 years of experience, she has received a number of awards and special honors. Hammett has also been in business for herself for the past 10 years under “One Woman and a Tool Box” specializing in home improvement.

Jackie Hammett recently returned to AWDA, where she is training to become a Fire Fighter with the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department. If Hammett’s drive is anything like it was a few years ago, you never know what she might ultimately become… Maybe, the first African American Woman AFR Chief.

Hammett has one son, who assists her on jobs. In her spare time, she body builds and does community service. In that mindset of service, Jackie A. Hammett has helped the community in a number of ways, from building a playground in Southwest Atlanta to constructing a bench in memory of the Newtown, Connecticut children that were killed.

 WILLIE C. HARRISON, AWDA's Re-Entry Program

 “My thoughts were changed in prison,” stated Harrison, who would write in his journal about his future life plans, during his 21 year prison stay. “I began to study for my GED, while in prison”. After obtaining his GED, Willie began participating in other self-development activities and programs that would lead him to having a positive outlook on life.

Willie Harrison Re-Entry ClientMeet Willie C. Harrison, Jr. AWDA’s Re-Entry program success story…
Walking into the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency (AWDA), in a fresh clean business suit, with a folder in hand and a cordial demeanor is Willie C. Harrison, Jr., a member of AWDA’s Re-Entry program. The way Harrison presents himself, you would never believe he had been in prison for 21 years and recently released.
Once Harrison was released, he enrolled in DeKalb Technical College for HVAC. While in school, Willie found himself needing supplies for his classes and a job, which is how he became acquainted with Blanchard Cooke, Senior Career Counselor at Atlanta Workforce Development Agency.

AWDA provided Willie with all the necessary tools needed to become a working individual who was equipped with all the supplies to finish his training in both HVAC and Nursing. These days, Harrison is on a mission. “I want to give back,” said Harrison, “by targeting guys who have been in prison that want to do right.” He has developed a curriculum targeted towards “Y.O.U.T.H.” – Young Original Unique Thinking.

Harvey Moten Training Today for a Brighter Tomorrow
Harvey Moton Uses a Job Training Program to Start a New Career
Courtesy of: A-HA! Newsletter, Fall/Winter 2012

“I really enjoy working in a shop environment,” smiled Harvey Moton, 51, Housing Choice participant. “The responsibilities that I have now reflect what I learned in school and it’s so good to have the opportunity to be in a hands-on training program that makes me feel like part of a family.”

Through the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency (AWDA), Moton was referred to and enrolled in the Automotive & Diesel Technology program at Atlanta Technical College in July 2010. After graduating in May 2012, Moton was able to enroll in a work experience program with the City of Atlanta Fleet Services as a mechanic. Moton credits AWDA and AHA for encouraging him to take every opportunity to take his training to the next level.

“Back when I lost my job, I really didn’t know how I was ever going to get back on my feet,” Moton said. “Even though I was unsure of myself, AWDA really motivated me to go back to school and then to get involved in this training program.”

When asked what advice he has for others who are struggling to find work in tough economic times, Moton’s eyes teared as he said, “No matter what, you just have to go for it. I was afraid, but I kept moving forward and just where I am today.”

 MAYOR'S CUP GOLF TOURNAMENT 2014 CHAMPIONS:  Carter Brothers Security Services


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