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The Reed Administration’s Response to Peter Aman’s False Attack

Post Date:10/17/2017 10:17 AM

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 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 17, 2017

 News Release

The Reed Administration’s Response to Peter Aman’s False Attack

Statement from Tom Sabulis

ATLANTA - "Peter Aman’s comments are untrue and unfortunate. It is important to note that these purported statements from Aman are now coming after the Mayor endorsed Keisha Lance Bottoms last week.  Any serious person should ask the question, ‘Why are these comments being made now, rather than last month?’ The answer is simple: Mayor Reed endorsed the better candidate for the city's future.

Mr. Aman is coming to grips with the fact that - despite spending more than $1M of his own money attempting to buy a seat that he could not earn - he is going to lose this election. As a result, over the next three weeks you will see a series of increasingly desperate attempts to salvage his collapsing campaign. Today’s comments are just the first example.

If Peter Aman spent more time focusing on Mary Norwood, he wouldn’t be in this position; yet he chooses instead to peddle rumors and false comments about Mayor Reed, who is not running for re-election and is not his opponent. As usual, we are now in a position where we are forced to respond to yet another candidate’s claims. Up until this point, Mayor Reed had not made any negative or critical comments about Mr. Aman or his work at the City. In fact, Aman’s entire campaign was built upon the work he did while he was a staffer for Mayor Reed. That fundamental pillar of Aman’s effort was dealt a major blow last week, so while disappointed, we are not surprised by these attacks.  

Even more surprising is that the state’s paper of record has yet to scrutinize the front-runner. Instead, editors are focusing coverage on statements made by desperate candidates quoting anonymous people: this story is nothing more than another attempt by the AJC and its staff to deliver a victory in the Mayor’s election to Mary Norwood.

Prior to the 2009 election and throughout this entire campaign, the AJC ignored multiple votes by Ms. Norwood that threatened the financial stability of the City of Atlanta. Those votes put this city on a path to fiscal ruin by repeatedly expanding pension costs, ultimately resulting in furloughs and causing more than 1,000 employees to be laid off.

The AJC has also ignored Ms. Norwood’s repeated practice of hiring a robo-call company she owns to advertise her community meetings using taxpayer dollars. The transactions put tax dollars directly into her pockets. This practice is easily verifiable and wholly inappropriate.

Still, the AJC has neglected to report that story. Rather, in a concentrated and deliberate effort to influence the outcome of the election, the AJC has opened the floodgates to anonymous sources, rumors and innuendo. It is an attempt to tarnish a successful administration that has put this city in its strongest financial position in 40 years.

Make no mistake: this is all to the benefit of Mary Norwood. Mayor Reed does not believe the people of Atlanta will fall for it."


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