2021-2025 CIE Update

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What is the Capital Improvement Element (CIE)?

In the City of Atlanta, impact fees can only be expended on system improvement projects that are listed in the Capital Improvement Element (CIE). The CIE has two components: Annual Financial Report and a Schedule of Improvements. The Annual Financial Report provides a summary of impact fees collected, encumbered and used, by category of public facility and service area for the last completed fiscal year. The Schedule of Improvements identifies capital projects to be financed in whole or in part by impact fees during the upcoming five years. The CIE must be approved by the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, adopted by Atlanta City Council, and approved by the Mayor or by operation of law by October 31st annually.

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 What are Development Impact Fees?

Development impact fees (“impact fees”) are fees imposed by municipalities as a condition of development approval to offset the costs of additional public services to service new growth and development. The City of Atlanta has four categories of impact fees: Transportation, Police, Fire, and Parks.

What can impact fees be spent on?

Impact fees can only be used on system improvements that expand system capacity due to the increased impact of the development. They cannot be used for operations or maintenance of existing infrastructure. Transportation, Police and Fire impact fees may be expended citywide. Park impact fees may only be expended on the cost of acquiring and developing park land and may not be used to construct buildings or other facilities. Collection and expenditure of park impact fees in the City of Atlanta is divided into three service areas (Northside, Westside, and Southside, map attached). Park impact fees may only be expended in the service area from which they were collected.

Instructions on Submitting

What type of projects are eligible?

Impact Fees can be used for Park, Transportation, and Public Safety improvement projects. Park impact fees may only be expended on the cost of acquiring and developing park land and may not be used to construct buildings or other facilities. Projects that include operations or maintenance of existing infrastructure are not eligible.

What if I don’t have some of the information?

Projects that are better developed will receive a higher priority. However, City Staff will review all submitted projects.

What if cost estimates cannot be provided? 

If the project is deemed eligible, the City staff will develop a cost estimate. Projects with already vetted cost estimates will be given priority, but all projects will be considered.

When do I need to submit by?

The deadline for submitting projects is March 13, 2020.

When will projects be selected?

Projects will be selected by the end of April. 

If you have any questions or issues submitting, please reach out to COAImpactFees@atlantaga.gov

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