City Planning - Contacts

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Department of City Planning  
Office of the Commissioner
55 Trinity Avenue 
Suite 1450 
Atlanta, GA 30303



Tim Keane
 Tel: 404.330.6037

Contact: Leah LaRue

Deputy Commissioner 

Janide Sidifall 

Contact: Kina Laster

Deputy Commissioner

Doug Nagy

Office of Buildings

Gregory Pace
Interim Director
Tel: 404.330.6152 

Contact: Alysa Baker

Office of Housing & Community Development

  Christina Cummings 
Interim Director
Tel: 404.865.8443

Office of Zoning &

Keyetta Holmes
Interim Director
Tel: 404.330.6145

Contact: Brenda Warner

Office of Mobility Planning

 Cary Bearn
Interim Director
Tel: 404-330-6070

Office of Design

Doug Young
UDC/Historic Preservation
Assistant Director
Tel: 404.330.6702

Atlanta City Studio

Kevin Bacon
Assistant Director, Office of Design
Tel: 404.623.6585

Customer Experience and Support

Patricia Walden
Customer Relationship Manager
Tel: 404.330.6378
Cell: 404.416.0395

Marketing & Communications

Gabrielle Ware  
Public Information Officer
Tel: 404.330.6078

Media Inquiries
Communications Requests

Open Records Request Administrators

Office Manager

Kina Laster 

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