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FY 2020 Budget Executive Summary, Highlights, and Detailed Report

DCP_FY20 Budget-ExecSummary

FY 2020 Budget Executive Summary
FY 2020 Budget Detailed Report


The City of Atlanta has seen record numbers for plan review and permitting services with construction valuations increasing from $0.93 Billion in FY2011 to $5.4 Billion in FY2019. Despite the growing workloads, we continue to strive for more streamlined processes and strategic improvements to assist customers in a timely and professional manner. We believe the permitting process shouldn't require technical experience to receive a permit. To ensure we are on track for success, we have created measurements for accountability and transparency. The information noted below will grow as we continue to apply standards and establish metrics. Please stay tuned and reach out to Elizabeth Johnson, eajohnson@atlantaga.gov or 404.546.1990, with any questions or comments. 


Office of Buildings

In FY 2018, the Office of Buildings undertook efforts to create a Work Plan for the 2019 Fiscal Year. This involved the creation of standard service levels and metrics. Please click through the below documents to view the Work Plan and Reporting metrics.  FY 2020 Work Plan is listed below:





Click the image to read the FY2019 Work Plan

Explanation of metrics

August 2018 Dashboard

September 2018 Dashboard
October 2018 Dashboard
November 2018 Dashboard
December 2018 Dashboard
January 2019 Dashboard
February 2019 Dashboard
March 2019 Dashboard
April 2019 Dashboard
May 2019 Dashboard
June 2019 Dashboard

Q1 Dashboard
Q2 Dashboard

Year End Dashboard

FY 2020 Work Plan

Explanation of metrics

July 2019 Dashboard
August 2019 Dashboard
September 2018 Dashboard

Q1 Dashboard
Q2 Dashboard


Office of Buildings - Arborist Division 

DCP is responsible for data related to tree removals and replacements per the Tree Protection Ordinance - Sec. Sec. 158-103 (f). NOTE: This data is representative of private property activity only where DCP Arborist's have purview. Reviews and approvals on public property activities are managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation and data is tracked separately. 

FY 2020 - Q2 Reporting
FY 2020 - Q1 Reporting
FY 2019 - Annual Reporting
FY 2018 - Annual Reporting
FY 2017 - Annual Reporting
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