Impact Fee Update

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As you may the City of Atlanta has launched a survey as part of its effort to update the Development Impact Fee Program, which has not been updated since 1993. To ensure that we have effectively captured the views of a broad range of stakeholders, WE HAVE EXTENDED THE DEADLINE to complete the survey, to February 14, 2020.  The link below will allow you to access the 2017 Impact Fee Study for review/comment and respond to the survey.  We look forward to receiving your feedback and working with you to update the City of Atlanta's Impact Fee Program.  If you have any issues or questions, please email  

Thanks for your interest and participation!


At the request of City Council - staff and the Development Fee Impact Advisory Committee are evaluating potential revisions.

Below you can find further information on recent work as well as provide feedback for consideration during this evaluation:

  • 2017 Impact Fee Study  is open for public review as a potential update to the existing 1993 Impact Fee Study.
  • *Executive & Technical Summary of 2017 Impact Fee Study.
  • Upon review, please take the Development impact Fee Survey so that we can capture feedback on the study including: key strengths of the 2017 study, areas for improvement, and other feedback we should contemplate as we evaluate updating the existing program.

 *Executive & Technical Summary is a summary of the overall study.

If you have any questions, please email: COAImpactFees@AtlantaGa.Gov for further information.

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