Tree Conservation Commission

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The Tree Conservation Commission (TCC) is a citizen board, appointed by the Mayor and City Council Members of the City of Atlanta to assist in the protection, maintenance, and regeneration of the trees and other forest resources of Atlanta. The Commission hears and decides appeals of decisions of administrative officials related to trees. The Commission also oversees educational and other programming to encourage proper management and maintenance of Atlanta’s urban forest. The Tree Commission has 15 positions and requires that each member have specialized knowledge of trees, the tree ordinance, or the impact of construction activities on trees. 

Commissioners: (Appointed by)

  • Jack Cebe (Mayor)
  • Elizabeth Ward (Mayor)
  • Dina Franch (Mayor)
  • Marvin Lampkin (Mayor)
  • Lawrence Richardson (Mayor)
  • Chet Tisdale (Mayor)
  • Nabil Hammam (Council)
  • Susanne Blam (Council)
  • Sarah Boles (Council)
  • Bruce Morton (Council)
  • Katherine Moore (Council)
  • Vacant (Council)
  • Vacant (Mayor)
  • Vacant (Mayor)
  • Vacant (Mayor)

2020 Tree Conservation Commission Schedule

To make an appeal: 
TCC Appeal Packet
TCC Appeal Process

2020 Business Meetings: Agendas and Meeting Minutes
Meetings for discussion of TCC administration and operations.
Held in the Arborist Conference Room, Suite 3800 on the third floor of the Atlanta City Hall, at 5:00 pm

January 15 Agenda   Meeting Minutes July 15 Agenda   Meeting Minutes
February 19 Agenda   Meeting Minutes
August 19 Agenda   Meeting Minutes
March 18 Agenda   Meeting Minutes September 16 Agenda   Meeting Minutes
April 15 Agenda   Meeting Minutes October 21 Agenda   Meeting Minutes
May 20 Agenda   Meeting Minutes November 11 Agenda   Meeting Minutes
June 17 Agenda   Meeting Minutes
December 16 Agenda   Meeting Minutes

2020 Hearings: Agendas, Appeal Packets and Decisions

Meetings to hear appeals of Arborist Review Decisions
Held in Committee Room 1 on the second floor of the Atlanta City Hall located at 55 Trinity Avenue, at 6:30 pm.

January 15 Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions    June 26, if reqd
Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
January 22 Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
July 15
Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
February 19 Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
July 22, if reqd
Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
February 26, if reqd  Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
August 19
Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
March 18 Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
August 26, if reqd
Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
March 25, if reqd Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
September 16
Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
April 15 Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
September 23, if reqd  
Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
April 22, if reqd Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
October 21
Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
May 20 Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
October 28, if reqd
Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
May 27, if reqd Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
November 11
Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
June 17 Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions
December 16 Agenda   Appeal Packet   Decisions

To view past meeting agendas, decisions and more, contact 

Contact info: 
Arborist Division
55 Trinity Ave, Suite 3800
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel: 404-330-6874

TCC Staff
Kathy Evans
Tel: 404-330-6235

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