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The City of Atlanta boasts a rich and complex history. However, does the City’s historic preservation work support and strengthen the important role history plays in Atlanta’s future? The Future Places Project hopes to find out. Led by the Department of City Planning, the Future Places Project is taking a close look at Atlanta’s historic preservation guidelines, which were developed nearly 30 years ago. Gathering inputs from residents, advocacy groups, lawmakers, land surveys and existing documentation, the project will re-evaluate and give structure to the City’s historic preservation guidelines to ensure that Atlanta can support historic preservation for the next 30 years and beyond.

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Project Schedule

April to September 2019: Project launch and background research

October 2019: 1st round of public meetings

November, 2019 to January 2020: Pop-Ups / Project analysis and research

February 2020: 2nd round of public meetings

March to April 2020: Compilation of final project deliverables

May 2020: Distribution of project deliverables and implementation of “quick start” actions


Project Email: futureplacesprojectDCP@AtlantaGa.Gov

Survey Link: http://ow.ly/pbz650yqIED



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