Office of Housing & Community Development

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City of Atlanta
55 Trinity Avenue, S.W.,
3rd Floor; Suite 3500
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Tel: 404.330.6390
Fax: 404.658.6590 

Christina Cummings        Interim Director, Housing    

Rodney Milton
Assistant Director,

Lolita Collins
Assistant Director, Housing

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We promote the development of affordable housing and community development policies City wide. Our office provides fiscal oversight and management for development contracts, programs and economic development  related initiatives. The Office works with both public and private partners to improve the lives of residents in highly distressed and under-invested communities by encouraging investment in communities of opportunity. We provide financing for affordable housing developments, support for neighborhood-based commercial developments, and design/implement strategies to retain legacy residents. 

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Welcome the Office of Housing and Community Development, your resource for housing and community development information within the City of Atlanta.

Mission: To promote the development of affordable housing and community development policies City-wide. Our main goal to provide stewardship over federal resources that advance the City's affordable housing goals.

Vision: To support programs and projects that help to stabilize neighborhoods, produce high quality affordable housing stock, and uplift people and places we serve. 

Values: We care about maintaining our core values and stewardship over housing resources. As we align our work with the larger vision for the Department of City Planning, we maintain our commitment to: Affordability, People, Neighborhoods, Economic Vitality, Revitalization and Stabilization efforts.  

Our office is organized into 3 distinct divisions that focus on various programs and projects throughout the City of Atlanta all of which are committed to improving the lives of the people we serve.

  1. The Division of Housing serves as a lender to for profit developers and non-profit organizations that carry out a variety of activities to assist in the production and preservation of affordable housing. This funding serves as "gap" financing and can help the project become financially feasible. This division manages a variety of programs and projects to include but not limited to: Multifamily Loan Pool, Community Development Block Grants, Neighborhood Stabilization Program, Limited Home Repair, Section 8, Down-Payment Assistance and several other place based projects in our portfolio.   
  2. The Division of Neighborhood Revitalization works to establish a model that focuses on creating cradle-to-career opportunities, developing mixed-income and inclusive communities, and retaining legacy residents. Using place and people based strategies, we work with public and private partners to improve the lives of residents in highly distressed and under-invested communities. The Neighborhood Revitalization Division has a specific focus on the Westside neighborhoods of English Avenue, Vine City, Ashview Heights, and the Atlanta University Center. The Division is co-lead along with the Atlanta Housing Authority for University Choice Neighborhoods and manages the Westside Promise Zone, a federal designation providing preference for funding and human capital to improve distressed communities.
  3. The Division of Economic Development contributes to the neighborhood revitalization efforts of the City of Atlanta and Department of City Planning through the integration of targeted programs, outreach and coordination focused on investment in neighborhood commercial areas. We partner with community-based organizations to identify how underutilized business districts can be re-energized to become more welcoming places that will attract needed goods and services.  This division is responsible for management of the City's Public Vending Program - #MicroATL; launching the Atlanta Mainstreet Network, the Storefront Improvement Program, Shared Equity in Economic Development Initiative (SEED) and other economic development strategies that promote economic opportunity and mobility for the residents of Atlanta. 


The Atlanta / Fulton County Land Bank Authority (LBA) has an open Request for Qualifications. Please click here to see the announcement. All responses should go directly to the LBA.     


Things that we can do to help!  

Do you need down payment assistance for a new home? 
Are you seeking an affordable home for sale in the City of Atlanta? 
Are you interested in Section 8 housing? 
Are you interested in having your pre-1978 home or apartment tested for lead? 
Would you like to learn about the State of Georgia Housing Choice program? 

Learn how and apply to receive CHDO funding

View and download Affordable Housing Impact Statements


Under our HOME program, we offer financial assistance to Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) and for-profit organizations to create affordable single family and multifamily developments. In addition, a portion of the HOME funds are provided to Invest Atlanta for home buyer down payment assistance. The HOME program targets households at or below 80% of the Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area Median Income (AMI).

Are You Looking for Down Payment Assistance to Purchase a Home? Click Here.

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Want more information about Multifamily Development? Click here.

Interested in developing affordable housing in the City of Atlanta?
The Office of Housing implements housing development projects, while the City of Atlanta’s Office of Grants Management (OGM) manages the application for funding process. Click here for information about the application process.

Spotlight Project: Columbia at MLK Senior

Columbia at MLK Senior (HOME)


The Office of Housing has direct administrative oversight, management and implementation of the city’s NSP. It’s designed to help revitalize neighborhoods and address the national foreclosure crisis. NSP grants allow municipalities to use funds to purchase abandoned, bank-owned foreclosures to help stabilize communities hit hardest by the crisis. More Info

Are You Interested in Purchasing or Renting a NSP Home or NSP Apartment in the City of Atlanta?
Check out our featured homes.

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 Spotlight NSP Project: Retreat at Edgewood

Retreat at Edgewood (NSP)


Our Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program provides rental subsidy (or reduced rent) to four properties:

Santa Fe Villas – 2370 Metropolitan Pkwy, Atlanta, Georgia, 30315, (404) 559-1313
Edgewood Center – 187 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303, (404) 524-4408
Vanira Village – 8-24 Vanira Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30315, (404) 629-9600
Washington Street Apartments – 949-953 Washington Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30315, (404) 895-3016

Want more information about Section 8 Moderate Rehab Program? Click here

The City of Atlanta does not offer Section 8 housing vouchers. We do not issue or accept applications for Section 8 vouchers at any time.

Are you looking for a Section 8 apartment or home to rent?
If your answer is yes, please contact the Atlanta Housing Authority (404) 892-4700 or, the Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs Housing Choice Voucher Program (404) 327-7912.

Spotlight Section 8 Moderate Rehab Project: Sante Fe Villas

Section 8


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