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Economic Development

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The Division of Economic Development in the Office of Housing & Community Development contributes to the neighborhood revitalization efforts of the City of Atlanta and Department of City Planning through the integration of targeted programs, outreach and coordination focused on investment in neighborhood commercial areas. We partner with community-based organizations to identify how underutilized business districts can be re-energized to become more welcoming places that will attract needed goods and services.  We also seek to support the small businesses that serve our neighborhoods and encourage entrepreneurs looking to fill a vacant storefront. 

Mission: To help stabilize communities by investing in various Neighborhood Commercial Districts within the City of Atlanta. Using a community based and holistic economic development approach, we plan to transform the people and places that we serve.  

Vision: Our vision is to celebrate the rich history of Atlanta and its neighborhoods while helping to create thriving, vibrant and sustainable local economies within the City of Atlanta.  

The Division of Economic Development is charged with strengthening economic outcomes for the people and places we serve. We manage various city programs and convene resources for small business owners that help build capacity. Our focus is on business retention, expansion and growth using a community-based approach. Our programs include the following:


Project Highlight: Cascade Next is a pilot initiative for Economic Development that was created in partnership with the Atlanta City Studio for the City of Atlanta to build on the momentum of local community organizations to establish the Cascade Heights Commercial District as a destination of choice for the surrounding neighborhoods and beyond. The community events, listening sessions and steering committees were organized as an opportunity for all who work, live and shop in the Cascade Heights area to convene for focused conversations about the future of the Cascade Heights Commercial District. We see Cascade Next as a community activation tool to help guide our planning decisions from an Economic Development perspective. 


For more information about the Division of Economic Development and our programs contact:

Christina, Assistant Director, Economic Development

Emily, Project Manager

Josh, Project Manager


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