Community Improvement Districts

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According to the Council for Quality Growth,

"Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) have emerged as significant centers of influence in the Metro Atlanta region. By utilizing self-imposed tax revenues from commercial businesses within their districts they are dramatically changing their communities in many ways.  From bold new infrastructure improvements to traffic mitigation, private security and the transformation of commercial streets into pedestrian friendly corridors to the creation of new parks, trails and greenspace, CIDs are enhancing the urban and suburban landscape. These have improved the standard of living throughout the region and will continue to do so at a rapid pace, as evidenced by recent history (Council, 2014)."

"Among other things, CIDs leverage private dollars to create public ventures.  They return control to stakeholders, improve the quality of life in their districts and dramatically strengthen their tax base. Major corporations have taken notice of the impact of CIDs and have specifically chosen to locate or expand in areas supported by CIDs (Council, 2014)."

Community Improvement Districts have been established across the City of Atlanta for the “provision, acceleration, supplementation or enhancement of the following governmental services and facilities:

1. Construction and maintenance of city streets
2. Parks and recreational areas and facilities
3. Stormwater and sewage systems
4. Development, storage, treatment, purification and distribution of water
5. Public transportation
6. Terminal and dock facilities and parking facilities
7. Such other services and facilities as may be provided for by general law.

A community improvement district is intended to provide a means to address needs for the above governmental services and facilities as may be necessary in high-growth, high-intensity, nonresidential areas.” Atlanta Municipal Code, Part 1, Chapter 3, Article II. The following CIDs are currently approved in the City of Atlanta. Click on the CID name to access their website directly and click on the word "resolution" to see the legislation that authorized the CID within the City of Atlanta. 


Airport West CID  | Resolution

Atlanta Downtown Improvement District   | Resolution

Buckhead CID | Resolution

Little Five Points CID | Resolution

Midtown Improvement District  |  Resolution

West End CID  | Resolution

Upper Westside CID  | Resolution

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