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Lead Safe Atlanta

 Lead Hazard Control Program

The purpose of the Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control (LHC) and the Lead Hazard Reduction (LHRD) grant programs is to identify and control lead-based paint hazards in eligible privately owned housing for rental or owner-occupants. The Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grant program is the largest program in terms of dollar amount and number of grants. Both programs have a stellar track record across the country.

The City of Atlanta was awarded a 2.1 million Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Grant to reduce lead hazards in the homes of children under six years of age. 

Young children are especially in danger.  Lead-based paint is the number one environmental hazard to children under age six.  Serious and permanent effects of lead poisoning in children are:

  • Learning and behavior problems
  • Poor mental development
  • Hearing problems
  • Organ damage or kidney failure
  • Brain damage
  • High levels can even cause death

What can you do ?

  • Was your Home built before 1978 ?
  • Do you have children six or younger living in the home ?
  • Is there visible damaged or peeling paint in the home, or outside play areas ?
  • Do you meet Income Requirements ? (See Chart Below)


Household Size

















 Cannot Exceed
 per Year









If you answered yes to these questions, the Lead Hazard Control Grant may be able to assist your family.

For a LHC Program Application and Information form, go to our website for the application


If you are a landlord, homeowner, daycare operator or currently rent an apartment or home, you should read the renovate right pamphlet  information to know your rights: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does lead come from?
Lead is a natural element found in the form of an ore called galena.

What is lead poisoning?
Lead poisoning means you have too much lead in your body. Lead can be found in your blood, soft tissues and in your bones. If lead levels in the blood stream are high, there can be serious health risks.

Where can I learn more about lead hazards?
Please visit the HUD website for more information or call us at 404.546.5323   

How much money can I receive for lead hazard reduction from the Safe Atlanta Lead Program if I qualify?
An eligible one (1-4) unit property can receive a maximum three (3) year deferred loan from $8,000 to $20,000 for lead hazard risk reduction work. Click here for more information.

What happens at the inspection?
Inspectors will take soil and dust wipe samples and check all painted surfaces (interior and exterior) at the property to determine if there are lead paint hazards. The inspection lasts about two (2) hours.

What is a deferred loan?
The money borrowed will not need to be paid back as long as the property owner does not sell the house for three (3) years. If the house is sold before the three (3) years, the full amount of the loan would need to be paid back to the Lead Program.

If there is an overage, can I just have some of the work done?
No. All lead hazards listed on the lead risk assessment are required to be addressed.

If my job costs comes in lower than the maximum amount allotted for my property, can I use money for other repairs?
No. The City of Atlanta Lead Program only covers lead hazards.

Can I do the lead work myself or hire a contractor to do the work? 

No. Work must be done by City Of Atlanta Lead Program approved contractors.

The City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Community development is pleased to provide this registry to you. This registry is a listing of single-family homes, duplexes and apartments that have received a professional lead service. This could be one that identified lead paint or one that has removed lead paint hazards. These services have been performed by state certified lead professionals or companies. We trust it will help you to make an informed decision prior to buying or renting a home.

Important Information
Please be aware that the information provided concerning lead paint may change as conditions of the home change. Lead hazards may be created as a result of normal use and changes to the structure. Likewise, hazardous lead components may be removed as structures undergo renovations, such as new windows. Therefore, the information provided here should be thought of as a “snap-shot” in time, and is accurate only for the time during which the service was done. A careful review of past services and the current condition of the building will help assess the present conditions. Another assessment may be needed by state certified professionals, since the original activity was performed on a home.
Please note, the information on the Lead Safe Housing Registry, is provided by a variety of source agencies. These source agencies are required to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. However, due to the ever-present changes of building conditions, occupancy, ownership, and changes in the lead regulations, the information that is provided may have changed.

Lead Based Paint
A building can be considered to be safe from lead hazards even if some of the painted surfaces still contain lead paint. If these surfaces are in good condition and are well maintained, the lead paint should not cause an exposure to you or your children. However, in some building components with friction surfaces, such as windows, doors, stair treads and cabinet drawers, a lead hazard is still present, since these surfaces are subject to rubbing. This rubbing action can release enough lead paint dust to poison a child.

Remove my property from listing
This registry contains the listing of properties built prior to 1978 that are offered for rent or for lease as well as child occupied facilities. Child Occupied facilities are establishments such as a day care center, a preschool, or a kindergarten classroom. Any property that is currently listed on the registry that does not meet the above criteria can be removed by notifying the City of Atlanta Department of Planning & Community development in writing to our email or postal address.

See the list of completed properties here.


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