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The City of Atlanta has partnered with non-profit facilities to provide much need transitional housing for the homeless and vital support services from mentoring and job-skills training to mental health and life-skills counseling for successful re-entry into the community and workforce. The City of Atlanta has done this through funding acquisition and rehabilitation of existing structure and construction of new facilities. The Office of Housing has the responsibility of administering the funding program from inception to occupancy.

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Non-profit agencies in the City of Atlanta who administer programs for homeless individuals, those with substance abuse problems and children. The programs provide transitional housing, training, counseling and daycare when appropriate. The individuals served by the Special Facilities Unit of the OOH include homeless women, men and families as well as persons recovering from substance abuse and seeking transitional housing and prevention and life skills training.


The City of Atlanta’s Office of Housing administers a non-profit special facilities program designed to provide structures for transitional housing to serve the needs of homeless and substance abuse populations in the City of Atlanta.


This program is funded through application with the Office of Grants Management and the Bureau of Housing.


To provide opportunities for the least of us to seek transitional housing and the opportunity to prepare for reentry into the workplace.


Funding is provided in the form of a deferred payment loan. By funding new construction, acquiring and rehabilitating facilities, the OOH answers the need for transitional housing and the opportunity to qualify for safe and affordable housing. OOH provides funding for acquisition of properties, new construction and rehabilitation.

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