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Office of Zoning & Development

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(Formerly - Office of Planning)


*Upcoming change to Zoning Verification Request Process*

Beginning February 1st, 2018, the Office of Zoning and Development is implementing a new process for requesting zoning verification and non-conforming zoning verification letters. Please see the new process here. Changes include a new email portal dedicated solely to this process – Please note: will no longer be active after February 1st, 2018. The Office of Zoning and Development will also no longer accept payment by mail and applicants will be directed to make payment in person or online. 

CD 12 Neighborhood Blueprint Plan

A community kick-off meeting will be held at 6:30 PM, February 8th, 2018 at Atlanta Metropolitan State College (1630 Metropolitan Parkway SW), Conference Room A, for the Council District 12 Neighborhood Blueprint Plan for Adair Park, Capitol View, Capitol View Manor, and Sylvan Hills. Initiated by Councilmember Joyce Sheperd, the goal of this planning process is to develop a community-supported master plan with involvement from the immediate and surrounding neighborhoods. More information is available at

Metropolitan Parkway Corridor Neighborhoods Bus Tour

Document links are below:

Hammond Park Final Legislation
Hammond Park along Steve Drive Final Legislation
Perkerson Final Legislation
Sylvan Hills Final Legislation
NC-District Regulations
NC-9 District Regulations
Metropolitan Parkway Corridor Map
Bus Tour Booklet

The Office of Planning helped to create new Urban Gardens ordinance.  Read the new guidelines here.

Planning Information Desk Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:15 am to 4:00 pm

Applications for Rezoning, Variances, Special Exceptions, Special Use Permits, Special Administrative Permits, Urban Design and Subdivision related applications will not be accepted after 3:00 pm Monday - Friday.

Applications for Appeals
Applications for Appeals will be accepted during regular business hours Monday - Friday from 8:15 am - 5:00 pm

Search Applications and Cases Online

Planning applications (re-zonings, variances, subdivisions, special use permits, certificates of appropriateness) may be searched online using the City's new permitting system, Accela. It is also possible to search building permits and code compliance cases onthis system. Click this link to launch Accela Citizen Access in a new browser window.

2015 Connect Atlanta Plan Appendices 

To view the Four Appendices to the Connect Atlanta Plan Click this Link.

Neighborhood Planning Unit E-mail List

To receive monthly NPU meeting reminders, please email NPUmail@AtlantaGa.Gov with your first and last name, indicating which NPU meeting notice(s) you would like to receive via email. 

If you currently receive meeting notices (blue-cards) via USPS and would like to help the City reduce expenses and cut down on paper consumption, please also let us know your mailing address so that we can remove it from our postal mailing list.

Historic Preservation and Urban Design Commission

For information on historic preservation activities and Urban Design Commission Agendas, Staff Reports, and Meeting Results, please click here



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Office of Zoning and Development
55 Trinity Avenue
Suite 3350
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel: 404.330.6145
Fax: 404.658.7491

Charletta Wilson Jacks

Christian Olteanu
Assistant Director
Land Development

Jessica Lavandier

Assistant Director
Strategic Planning

Keyetta M. Holmes, AICP
Assistant Director
Zoning and Development

Erica Pines
Assistant Director
Neighborhood Coordination

Doug Young
Assistant Director
Historic Preservation
(Office of Design)

Paul Thomas
GIS Manager


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