2016 Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP)

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2016 Comprehensive Development Plan

The City of Atlanta 2016 Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) was adopted on November 21, 2016. The development and adoption of a comprehensive plan is a requirement for local governments called for by the Georgia Planning Act of 1989. In addition, the Charter of the City of Atlanta (Section 3-601) mandates the preparation of a Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) every 3 to 5 years. The Georgia Planning act of 1989 calls for local governments to develop and adopt a comprehensive plan. The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) establishes the standards and procedures for coordinated and comprehensive planning as well as the date by which a comprehensive plan must be adopted.
The Comprehensive Development Plan is a guide to the growth and development of the City of Atlanta. It sets forth the development vision, policies and an implementation plan for the City and its neighborhoods for the next twenty years.

Comprehensive planning is the foundation for quality growth management. The comprehensive plan brings together and addresses all aspects of community and economic functions with the objective of sustaining and improving these functions in the future. The Comprehensive Development Plan addresses, but is not limited to the following topics: population, economic development, housing, natural resources, historic resources, community facilities, transportation, urban design, and land use.

2016 Comprehensive Development Plan - November, 2016 Draft

1. Sections 1 - 9
2. Character Areas - Neighborhoods
3. Character Areas - Centers and Corridors
4. Character Areas - Other and NPU Policies
5. Appendix
6. Adoption Resolution
7.  Future Land Use Maps
-  Northside - NPU A, B, C, and D
-  Northeast - NPU E, F, and M
-  Eastside - NPU N, O, and W
-  Southside - NPU X, Y, and Z
-  Intown South - NPU V, T, and S
-  Southwest - NPU P, Q, and R
-  West - NPU H and I
-  Northwest - NPU G, J, K, and L

8. Character Area Maps
-  Northside - NPU A, B, C, and D
-  Northeast - NPU E, F, and M
-  Eastside - NPU N, O, and W
-  Southside - NPU X, Y, and Z
-  Intown South - NPU V, T, and S
-  Southwest - NPU P, Q, and R
-  West - NPU H and I
-  Northwest - NPU G, J, K, and L

2020 Comprehensive Development Plan Quarterly public hearing schedule- This schedule is relevant for rezoning applications that require a future land use amendment. More information can be found by reading the Zoning/Future Land Use Compatibility Table.

Meeting Agendas, Staff Reports & Impact Statements

Staff reports will be available the day before the public hearing. Videos of the Community Development Committee may be viewed by visiting the Atlanta City Council's Meeting Videos page.

 First Quarter Public Hearing - March 23, 2020              Agenda  Staff Reports


 Fourth Quarter Public Hearing - November 25, 2019 


Staff Reports 

Third Quarter Public Hearing - Sept. 23, 2019 Agenda Staff Reports   
Second Quarter Public Hearing - June 24, 2019       Agenda Staff Reports   
First Quarter Public Hearing - March 25, 2019  Agenda  Staff Reports    
Public Hearing - March 12, 2019    Staff Reports  
Fourth Quarter Hearing - November 26, 2018    Staff Reports   
Third Quarter Hearing - October 8, 2018    Staff Reports  
Second Quarter Hearing - June 25, 2018    Staff Reports   
First Quarter Hearing - March 12, 2018   Staff Reports   Impact Statements
Third Quarter Hearing - September 11, 2017   Staff Reports  
Fourth Quarter Hearing - November 27, 2017   Staff Reports  


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