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Department of Corrections

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Chief of Corrections | Patrick L. Labat

The City of Atlanta Department of Corrections' mission is to provide a safe and secure correctional environment; enhance public safety through partnerships with the community and law enforcement.

For general information, please refer to the ATL311 site utilizing the keyword: Corrections.

Contact Information

City of Atlanta
Department of Corrections

254 Peachtree Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Tel: 404.865.8001
Tel: 404.865.8010
Fax: 404.658.6064

Atlanta City Detention Center
254 Peachtree St. SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Patrick L. Labat

Vance Williams
Assistant Chief


Amanda Pritchett
Deputy Chief


Natasha Johnson
Facility Commander

Jamille Bradfield
Public Relations Manager
Quessie Parks
Accreditation Manager

PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)

Prevent.  Detect.  Respond.

What is PREA?

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was passed in 2003 with unanimous support from both parties in Congress.  The purpose of the act was to "provide for the analysis of the incidence and effects of prison rape in Federal, State and local institutions, and to provide information, resources, and recommendations and funding to protect individuals from prison rape."  (Prison Rape Elimination Act, 2003).

For more information on the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003, please click here .

National PREA Standards

The Prison Rape Elimination Act also created the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission and charged it with developing draft standards for the elimination of prison rape.  Those standards were published in June 2009, and submitted to the Department of Justice for review and passage as a final rule.  That final rule became effective August 20, 2012.  Please click here to view the national standards to prevent, detect and respond to prison rape.

For questions and more information about the department's PREA policies and procedures, please contact Dr. Tracey Elam, PREA Coordinator for the City of Atlanta, Department of Corrections at (470) 249-1323.

Please click here to read the Atlanta Department of Corrections' PREA policy, Responding to Detainee & Staff Sexual Misconduct: Introductions, Definitions & Responsibilities (400-13P).

Please click here to read the 2015 PREA Annual Review.

Please click here to read the 2016 PREA Annual Review.

City of Atlanta Department of Corrections' Zero Tolerance Policy

The City of Atlanta Department of Corrections has established a standard for zero tolerance policy on sexual abuse, sexual activity and staff sexual misconduct.  Zero tolerance means sexual abuse, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in any form will not be tolerated by our agency.

City of Atlanta Department of Corrections Sexual Victimization Data

Click here to review the 2016 Atlanta Department of Corrections Sexual Victimization Survey. The 2017 survey is not available at this time.

Third Party Reporting

If you or someone you know would like to report an allegation of sexual abuse, sexual activity or sexual misconduct involving a detainee(s) (currently or previously incarcerated) and/or a Department of Corrections staff member(s), please contact the City of Atlanta Department of Corrections Office of Professional Standards:

Sources: National PREA Resource Center and U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs 

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