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Contact Info
City of Atlanta
Department of Corrections
254 Peachtree Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Tel: 404.865.8001
Tel: 404.865.8010
Fax: 404.658.6064

Patrick L. Labat

Jamille Bradfield
Public Relations Manager
Tel: 404.865.8125

How do I contact Federal Inmates?

All inquires about Federal inmates must be made by contacting the agency below:

U.S. Marshals: Inmate Location and Charges
                       Tel: 202.307.3198

The City of Atlanta's Department of Corrections is not allowed to provide any information regarding any Federal inmates who may or may not be housed at the Federal Annex.

Are cell phones allowed in the facility?

Cell phones are not permitted in the facility.

Can I bring personal hygiene items to the jail for the inmate?

Personal hygiene items are not allowed to be brought to the facility. Inmate essentials are provided by the facility and items can also be purchased by the inmate with their commissary.

How do I leave money for an inmate?

1.All deposits to inmate accounts can be made through the kiosks machine (ACCESS SECURED DEPOSITS) in the front lobby. A maximum of $300.00 can be deposited every two weeks plus a $3.00 surcharge.

2. Toll free Phone Deposits (1.866.345.1884) plus a $3.95 surcharge.

3. Internet Deposits (www.inmatedeposits.com) plus a $2.95 surcharge.

4. To ensure the proper credit to an inmate’s account you must provide the correct full name and the inmate’s personal ID number. This information may be obtained at the lobby control desk.

5. Any inquiry concerning a deposit should be addressed at the lobby control desk for referral to the Inmate Account/Commissary Section. (The Inmate Accounts/Commissary Section operates Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).

The property may be posted as security for more than one bond on the same or different defendants, if the net market value after each prior bond is still sufficient. Each time the property is secured against a bond, a new lien is attached to the property in the amount of that bond.

Who do I contact for an impounded vehicle?

Atlanta Police Department Property Control Unit
3493 Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway
Atlanta, Georgia 30331


Instructions for release of property and impounded vehicles


Property must be claimed within sixty (60) days from date brought into the Property Control Unit. The owner of the property can authorize pick up by another person. To do so the owner must complete a notarized signed letter authorizing the release. The notarized authorization must include a description of the property, owner's name, address and phone number. The letter must also include the name of the person authorized to pick up the property. The person picking up the property must present valid identification.


Items turned in as evidence can be released by Court Order or the arresting officer signing for the release.


The Impound Release Section of the Property Control Unit is open twenty-four (24) hours. In order to obtain a release of an impounded vehicle the owner must present a current tag registration or title.  A bill of Sale less than twenty-one days will be accepted. If the Bill of Sale is more than twenty-one days old transfer of ownership must be completed prior to releasing.

The owner of an impounded vehicle can authorized another person to secure a release on an impounded vehicle. The owner must complete a Letter of Authorization. The owner of the vehicle must have their signature notarized. The letter of authorization must include the owner's name, address and phone number. The letter must include a description of the vehicle, tag number and V.I.N. and the person designated to secure a release. The person authorized to obtain the release must present a current tag registration or title showing the owner as listed on the letter has a legal right to the vehicle.


How do I get to the Fulton County Jail?

The Fulton County Jail is located at
901 Rice Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Directions: Take I-20 West to Ashby Street
Exit and turn right
Keep straight
Cross Bankhead Highway
Cross Railroad Tracks
Turn left onto Jefferson Street
Keep straight
Turn right onto Marietta Street/Blvd
See sign 1/2 block

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