Fair Housing

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Fair Housing is the Law!  Fair Housing Laws provide protections from discrimination in all residential real estate-related transactions: rental, sales, lending, insurance, appraisals and advertising.  The federal and state Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination based on seven characteristics: 

  1. Race
  2. Color
  3. National Origin,
  4. Religion, 
  5. Gender/Sex
  6. Familial Status (children in the household under age 18) 
  7. Disability (both physical and mental disabilities and includes HIV and AIDS)

April is national Fair Housing Month! The City of Atlanta wants to help our residents become more educated about your fair housing rights.  Please continue to check for updates regarding events, training and webinars for Fair Housing.  

Atlanta’s civil and human rights fair housing ordinance is at Chapter 94 of the Atlanta Municipal Code, as amended.

ATLANTA GA CODE PT. II, CHAP. 94.  The city’s ordinance prohibits discrimination against any person in Atlanta in the area of employment and fair housing on the seven bases identified above, as well as, age, domestic relationship status, parental status, gender identity or sexual orientation.

The Human Relations Commission, located in the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services, is authorized to receive complaints and to address illegal discrimination in public accommodations, private employment and housing within the City. They will assist you in filling out forms that will need to be submitted to HUD. 

Please use the HUD Fair Housing Complaint Form to document your complaint. 

Please us the Fair Housing Intake to file a formal complaint with the City of Atlanta's Human Services Commission. 

The City of Atlanta administers a contract with the Metro Fair Housing Services, Inc. METRO

to provide a citywide fair housing program. Metro provides the following services: 

  • Receives and investigates housing discrimination complaints concerning rentals, sales, advertising, lending, insurance, steering, blockbusting, retaliation and/or hate crimes
  • Mediates or conciliates valid complaints; or in the alternative, provides referrals for administrative or judicial actions
  • Provides landlord/tenant counseling
  • Provides multilingual counseling on fair housing and predatory lending issues
  • Provides multilingual property owner, manager and realtor training sessions
  • Presents educational seminars and workshops on fair housing

What should I do if I've been discriminated against?

Follow the guidelines below and then . . .    SEEK HELP!

Contact your local fair housing agency, Metro at (404) 524-0000

As you should do in any contractual relationship, write everything down!  Keep a written record of all attempted and actual contacts and conversations with the housing provider or housing professional.  Don’t throw anything Away!  Keep and make copies of all documents, leases, applications, receipts and letters, etc.  Keep a good record of expenses you may incur to address this issue.  It is important to know the names and contact information of potential witnesses and of neighbors, especially if you have experienced different treatment or services from the housing provider.

Under the Federal Fair Housing Act and the Georgia Fair Housing Law, you may be entitled to financial relief, including compensatory or punitive damages.  The discriminatory actor may also be required to pay your attorney’s fees and court costs, if incurred.  You may also be entitled to injunctive relief (access to the property at issue or a comparable property) but MOST IMPORTANT, the housing provider will have to stop the discriminatory practice against you and others.

For more information about the Federal Fair Housing, click here.This information will take you to the HUD’s website for outreach tools which provides brochures and information in multiple languages.  From that position on the site, you can search other issues of concern including studies, reports, and directions for filing complaints.

For more information about Federal Fair Housing Act click here. This information is available in multiple languages for your convenience. 

Additional Resources

Can I Break My Lease Agreement Video

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s) Housing Discrimination Hotline at (800) 669-9777 and for hearing impaired, please call TTY (800) 877-8339.


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