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Housing Development

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Community Housing Development Organizations

“Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO’s) are established to address the housing needs of a particular geographical area. As such the CHDO is required to have legitimate community representation. Therefore these organizations must develop a process in which low-income residents of the designated area can participate. CHDO’s must also establish a mechanism by which they can be govern, consequently they must have a Board of Directors consisting of a minimum of one-third representation from the community to be served and a maximum of one-third from the public sector, consisting of public officials and employees.”

Our goal is to ensure that our CHDO’s provide affordable housing for low- income persons of that community as a developer or a sponsor. Through the CHDO’s assistance communities are being enhanced and the promotion of creating safe and sanitary neighborhoods while stimulating economical growth for these communities can be achieved.

Important Information

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides Home Investment Partnership funds to the City of Atlanta to establish partnerships with local nonprofit groups to develop affordable housing. The City of Atlanta offers CHDO certification to eligible nonprofits who wish to apply for annual Home CHDO funds. Home-CHDO funds may be used for a wide range of activities for new construction, acquisition and/or rehabilitation of affordable housing for rent or home-ownership. Interested nonprofits should click the how to apply link or contact the City of Atlanta’s Planning & Community Development –Office of Housing for further details.