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Community Housing Development Organizations

The term Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) refers to a special designation awarded by state and local governments to non-profit housing developers that meet federally defined requirements including but not limited to staff capacity, board composition, legal structure, and service history.  Per federal regulation, the City of Atlanta is required to reserve a minimum of 15% of its annual HOME allocation for housing owned, developed or sponsored by CHDOs.

CHDO set-aside funds may be used for HOME activities where the CHDO acts in the role of the developer, sponsor and/or owner of HOME-assisted housing. 

CHDO set-aside funds can be used for:

  • Acquisition and/or rehabilitation of rental housing; 
  • Acquisition and management of standard rental housing;
  • New construction of rental housing; 
  • Acquisition and/or rehabilitation of homebuyer properties; 
  • New construction of homebuyer properties; and
  • Direct financial assistance to purchasers of HOME-assisted housing sponsored or developed by a CHDO with HOME funds.  

In addition, CHDOs may request operating funding and predevelopment loans to support their organizational and project related expenses.

The new HOME rules (effective August 23, 2013) require that organizations (even previously COA-certified CHDOs) must be certified as a CHDO each time they apply for a HOME-funded housing development, project-specific predevelopment loan or operating grant. Consequently, an organization can only be a CHDO if it is involved in an eligible development project.

Please note that applications for CHDO funding will be accepted year-round or until funding is exhausted on eligible activities.

To apply, download and complete the following three documents:

  1. 2017 CHDO Set-Aside Application
  2. Proforma Template
  3. Sources and Uses Template

Please return completed applications in person to:

Mr. Landon Carrell
Senior Management Analyst
City of Atlanta - Office of Housing and Community Development
68 Mitchell Street SW, Suite 1200
Atlanta, GA  30303.

Please contact Mr. Carrell if you have any questions or concerns lcarrell@AtlantaGa.Gov or 404-330-6121.

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