City of Atlanta Public Right of Way Vending Program

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Vending in the City of Atlanta

The City of Atlanta offers multiple ways for vendors to do business in the City. The overview below and the links to additional information give an introduction to the City’s vending policies and regulations. For any additional questions, please see the contact list below or email The City of Atlanta Code authorizing public vending can be found in Section 30, Article XXIII.

Types of Vending

Public Vending – Carts & Kiosks
The City of Atlanta provides vending opportunities in the public right-of-way from 18 City-owned kiosks and at 29 designated cart locations on City sidewalks, plazas and parks all within Downtown Atlanta. Carts must be non-motorized, must be removed when not in operation and must be approved as meeting the City’s design specifications. See the map for locations and permit status.

Lottery Selection Process
All available cart and kiosk locations are granted through a public lottery. The 2017 public lottery occurred on Wednesday, March 15, 2017. The 2018 lottery is planned for March of 2018.  Please review the 2017 Vending Application Packet - Carts & Kiosks for more information on the lottery process. To be added to the Vendor Notification List for program updates, please email

2017 Vending Application Packet - Carts & Kiosks
Preparation Tips for Vendors
Vending Cart Loan Program

Public Vending – Food Trucks

The Right of Way Food Truck Vending Program is the City of Atlanta-sponsored program to allow food trucks to vend in designated vending zones within the public right of way, which in the case of food trucks, refers to City streets. Phase I of the program allows vending to take place in Downtown Atlanta in the Government Walk area, which is the area immediately surrounding City Hall, the Fulton County Government Center and the State Capital.

Also, Central Atlanta Progress coordinates a Food Truck Friday event on Fridays from May to September. For more information and to register, visit Registration is $68 per week to participate is first-come-first-serve. To participate in either location, food trucks must submit the program application which includes proof of approval of the Fulton County Department of Environmental Health. 

2017 Vending Application Packet – Food Trucks
Government Walk
Food Truck Program FAQs

Public Vending – Motor Vehicles
(i.e. Ice Cream Trucks, Rolling Stores)

The City allows vendors to sell ice cream or other prepackaged food and/or non-alcoholic prepackaged beverages out of motor vehicles without stopping or standing to do business for more than 30 minutes. These vendors must follow specific operational guidelines regarding location and sound equipment as listed in the application packet. Motor Vehicle Vendors are not restricted to a specific operational area and are not a part of the lottery selection process.

2017 Vending Application Packet – Motor Vehicles

Private Property Vending

The City of Atlanta Police Department, License and Permit Unit regulates vending on private property and flea markets. Prospective vendors must have Zoning Approval for the private property location, permission from the property owner, letters of reference and for food vendors the approval from the County Health Department for prepared foods or the Georgia Department of Agriculture for prepackaged foods.

APD Private Property Vending
Private Property Vending Application
Assistant Vendor Application
Mobile Food Unit Sheet

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