2011 Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP)

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2012 Land Use Amendment Schedule and Process

The development and adoption of a comprehensive plan is a requirement for local governments called for by the Georgia Planning Act of 1989. In addition, the Charter of the City of Atlanta (Section 3-601) mandates the preparation of a Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) every 3 to 5 years.

The Comprehensive Development Plan is a guide to the growth and development of the City of Atlanta. It sets forth the development vision, policies and an implementation plan for the City and its neighborhoods for the next twenty years.

Comprehensive planning is the foundation for quality growth management. The comprehensive plan brings together and addresses all aspects of community and economic functions with the objective of sustaining and improving these functions in the future. The Comprehensive Development Plan addresses, but is not limited to the following topics: population, economic development, housing, natural resources, historic resources, community facilities, intergovernmental coordination, transportation, urban design, and land use.

In May 2005, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) adopted the “Standards and Procedures for Local Comprehensive Planning”. Under these standards, a comprehensive plan must include three components: a Community Assessment, a Community Participation Program and a Community Agenda. The three components of the Comprehensive Plan are described below.

  • The Community Assessment is an objective and professional assessment of data and information about the community.
  • The Community Participation Program describes the activities that will be undertaken to ensure adequate stakeholder involvement in the preparation of the Community Agenda.
  • The Community Agenda includes the vision, policies and implementation program that is prepared with input from stakeholders and the general public.

2014 Comprehensive Development Plan public hearing schedule - This schedule is relevant for rezoning applications that require a future land use amendment.

Public Hearing Agendas, Staff Reports and Videos

Staff reports will be available on the day of the public hearing.  Videos of the Community Development Committee may be viewed by visiting the Atlanta City Council's Meeting Videos page.  

November 28, 2016  4th Quarter Staff Reports
September 12, 2016  3rd Quarter Staff Reports 
March 14, 2016  1st Quarter Staff Reports
November 30, 2015  4th Quarter Staff Reports 
September 14, 2015  3rd Quarter Staff Reports 
June 8, 2015   2nd Quarter Staff Reports 
March 9, 2015  1st Quarter Staff Reports
November 18, 2014  4th Quarter Staff Reports
September 8, 2014  3rd Quarter Staff Reports
June 9, 2014  2nd Quarter Staff Reports
March 10, 2014  1st Quarter Staff Reports 

The 2011 Comprehensive Development Plan was adopted by the City of Atlanta in October 2011 per 11-O-1234. Links to the sections and maps that comprise the 2011 CDP are below.

Community Assessment
Introduction and Population
Economic Development
Natural and Cultural Resources
Community Facilities
Intergovernmental Coordination and Transportation
Urban Design and Land Use

Community Participation Program

Community Agenda 
Introduction and Issues and Opportunities

Character Areas
Introduction and Open Space 
Special Districts
Implementation Strategies and Policies 


Character Areas Maps
Intown South

Existing Land Use Maps
Intown South