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To Suppliers and Potential Suppliers with the City of Atlanta:
It has  come to our attention that City of Atlanta suppliers may be contacted by a company offering services that  it claims will assist in gaining access to information about City contracting opportunities or enhance exposure to the City for the purpose of obtaining City contracts.  The services offered may include the opportunity to purchase advertising in a magazine and/or purchase a listing in a vendor directory.  The representative may claim or imply that his company has a contract with the City to provide the alleged services.  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE CITY OF ATLANTA HAS NO AFFILIATION WITH ANY COMPANY TO PROVIDE THE ALLEGED SERVICES, AND DOES NOT IN ANY WAY PARTICIPATE IN, OR AUTHORIZE, SUCH ACTIVITY.    
Please report any suspicious communication to the Integrity Line at 1-800-884-0911.


To participate in the bid process, you must be registered as a supplier with the City of Atlanta. There are two supplier types you can register as:

To register as a Prospective Supplier, click here

  • Allowed to submit quotes, bids, or proposals, but cannot be awarded bids, receive purchase orders, or create/submit invoices. A W-9 form is not required for this supplier type.
  • This registration type is automatically approved once completed.

To register as a Spend Authorized Supplier, click here

  • Allowed to submit quotes, bids, or proposals as well as receive purchase orders and create/submit invoices. A signed and dated W-9 is required for this supplier type. IRS Form W-9
  • This registration type will take 5-10 business days to review.

To login to the Supplier Portal, please click here

For information on becoming certified with the City of Atlanta, please visit the Office of Contract Compliance website here


Support for Suppliers

For any questions, or concerns please feel free to email Seana Nash at


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