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To view the synopsis of any proposed upcoming solicitation, click on the project name. Notice of a proposed upcoming solicitation does not guarantee issuance of said solicitation.To access archived synopses, please click here.

RFP-S 1200455, Municipal Solid Waste Biosolid Disposal

IFB-C-1200435, Park-Ride Lot C Rehabilition Phase 2 Synopsis

RFP-S-1200436, A & E Design Services (Architectural) at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Synopsis

RFI-S-1200428, Waste Food Repurposing Services Synopsis

Synopsis IFB-S-1200121 Non-Consensual Wrecker Services for Vehicles with GVW of 10,000 lbs. or Less

RFP-S-1200416, Cleveland Ave Pedestrian Mobility Improvements Synopsis

IFB-C-1200422, Special Operations Training Program Synopsis

IFB-C-1200212, Installation of Traffic Calming Measures Synopsis

Synopsis IFB-S-1200418 Pre-Employment Physical Provider

Synopsis RFP-S-1200419 Public Safety Pyschological Services

RFI-S-1200405, Waste Food Repurposing Services Synopsis 

IFB-C-1200379, Special Operations Training Program Synopsis

RFP-S-1200331, Citywide Public Records Management System Implementation Synopsis

RFP-S-1200363, Airport Situation Awareness System Integration Consultant Engagement Project

IFB-S-1200373, Computer Goods and Services Synopsis

IFB-C-1200369, Landfill Slope Mowing Synopsis


IFB-S 1200385 Energov Branding and Communication Services Synopsis

CID-1200328, Peachtree Phase III Synopsis

RFP-S-1200138, Tennis Centers - Management, Maintenance and Capital Improvements Synopsis

 Synopsis for IFB-S-1200200, Mobile Aircraft Fire Trainer (MAFT)

 Synopsis IFB-C-1200353 Fire Life Safety Enhancement Project-T Concourse

 CID-1200323 Synopsis - REVISED 04FEB2020


IFB-C-1200292 - Ramp 19 Taxilane A3 Pacement Replacement Synopsis

IFB-S-1200265, Art Brokerage Services for 3 Monumental Artworks Synopsis

IFB-S-1200266, Art Brokerage Services for 1 Monumental Artwork Synopsis

(Pending Project Numbers) Food and Beverage Concessions Synopsis

RFP-S-1200195, Contract for Public Safety Psychological Services Synopsis

Synopsis RFP-S-1200201 General Contractor Services for the Atlanta Jazz Festival 2020

FC-1200005, Nonporfit Counselors for the Financial Empowerment Center (Synopsis)

FC-1190452, Annual Contract for Electrical Testing & Inspection

FC-1190489 Various Senior Programming Services 

FC-1190548, GC Services for Limited Housing Rehab and Storefront Improvement

FC-1190534, Peachtree Street Redesign Study

FC-1190539, City Hall Decorations

FC-1190542, 2019 LMIG Street Resurfacing Project

FC-1190515, Lindbergh Armour Major Plan

FC-1190564, Solid Waste and Wastewater Disposal Services

FC-1190552, North Folk Peachtree Creek Storage Tank and Pump Station

FC-1190592, Street Hot In-Place Maintenance Activities, Synopsis

FC-1190624, Annual Contract for Stream Stabilization Restoration

FC-1190623, Anderson Avenue Sidewalk Project, Synopsis

FC-1190613, Campbellton Road Sidewalk Improvement Project, Synopsis

EA-1190648, SCADA Upgrade and Maintenance Project, Synopsis

FC-1190659, RM Clayton WRC Digester Phase One, Synopsis

FC-1190448, Turnkey Auction Services, Synopsis

FC-1190517, Emergency Generator Installation at North Ave. Complex, Synopsis

FC-1190703, HVAC Water Treatment, Synopsis

FC-1190762, General Contractor Services for Limited Housing Rehab and Storefront Improvements

FC-1190738 Automotive Body Repair Synopsis

FC-1190730, Recyclables Processing Services - Synopsis.

FC-1190489, City-Wide Senior Services for Various Senior Programming Services - Synopsis

FC-1200003, Out of School Time (OST) Programming Services at Various City Recreation Centers (NPO) - Synopsis

FC-1200033, Out of School Time (OST) Programming Services at Various City Recreation Centers (FPO)- Synopsis

FC-1190030, Repair Construction and Installation of the Grant Street Bridge - Synopsis

FC-1200040, Appraisal Services for Westside Trail Project Synopsis

FC-1200041, Appraisal Services for Battle of Atlanta Greenway Enhancement Trail Project Synopsis

FC-1200046, City Hall Holiday Decorations Synopsis

IFB-C 1200032 Maintenance Agreement for Permeable Pavers Synopsis

RFP-S-1200049, Annual Contract for Bill Printing Services

FC-1200065, Annual Pavement Marking Contract Synopsis

RFP-S-1200062, Trinity Avenue Lot Redevelopment for Mixed-Income Housing

RFP-S-1200138 Tennis Centers Management and Maintenance

RFP-S-1200043 Synopsis

 FC-1200079, Real Estate Appraisal Services Synopsis

IFB-S-1200081 Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon and Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon Installation Synopsis

FC-1200185, Geotechnical Testing and Investigation Services

IFB-C 1200084 Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Milling and Resurfacing, Synopsis

FC-1200097, Automotive Body Repair Services Synopsis

IFB-1200068, Street Hot in Place Recycling Maintenance Activities, Synopsis

RFP-S-1200206, Outdoor Distributed Antenna System Expansion and Upgrade Project Synopsis

IFB-1200207, Annual Contract for Installation and Maintenance of Generators Synopsis

RFP-S-1200275, Synopsis

IFB-G-1200273, Trailer Mounted Belt Filter Press

IFB-S-1200276, Exterior Grounds Maintenance (non-aeronautical vacant land)

RFP-S-1200311, Architectural Engineering Design and Construction Phase Services for DWM Synopsis

IFB-C 1200270 Chattahoochee River Intake Pump Station Synopsis

CID-1200328, Peachtree Phase III Synopsis

RFP-S-1200006, Synopsis

RFP-C-1200269, Synopsis

IFB-G 1200362, Citation Books

IFB-G-1200143, Drum Screen Equipment Parts and Ancillary Repair

IFB-G-1200327, 3000 Gallon Water Tanker

IFB-G-1200408, Fire Hydrant and Gate Valves

IFB-G-1200409, Glass Products

IFB-G-1200429, Hose Pump Parts and Replacements


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