Archived Synopsis of Proposed Upcoming Solicitations

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FC-1190720, Background Screening Synopsis

FC-1190751 Art Brokerage Services for 3 Monumental Artworks Synopsis

FC-1190752 Art Brokerage Services for 1 Monumental Artwork Synopsis

 Project Synopsis for FC-1200077 South Security Checkpoint Expansion


 FC-1190533 Janitorial Services Synopsis

IFB-S-1200276, Exterior Grounds Maintenance (non-aeronautical vacant land)

FC1190746, loop rd Synopsis

FC1190745, Godby Rd Synopsis

FC1190744 Riverdale Road Synopsis

FC1190743 Clark Howell hwy Synopsis


IFB-C-1200134, Domestic Terminal Pedestrian and Traffic Signalization

FC1190754 exterior grounds maintenance Synopsis

FC-1200044, Food and Beverage Hybrid Rental Car Center -Synopsis

FC-1190482, Comprehensive Analysis of Fire and Ems Service Synopsis

RFP-S-1200208, Operation and Management of Common Use Facilities and Equipment Synopsis

FC-1190579 Airfield Repairs 19-20 Synopsis

Project Synopsis for FC-1190530, Special Operations Training Program

IFB-C-1200105, South Deicing Complex Support Facilities Synopsis

FC-1200034, North Airfield Ground Lighting Cable Replacement-Synopsis

FC-1190034, Mobile Aircraft Fire Trainer Synopsis

IFB-G 1200019, Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

IFB-G 1200020, Forklifts

IFB-G 1200021, Various Utility Vehicles

IFB-G-1200051, Herbicide

IFB-G-1200027, Motor Oil, Grease, Transmission Fluids, and Synthetic Oil Products

IFB-G-1200053, Various Lawn Mowers

IFB-G-1200059, Printing and Binding of Documents and Drawings for the Department of Aviation

IFB-G-1200028, Construction Equipment

IFB-G-1200101, Variable Speed Drives and Logistics Controllers

IFB-G-1200112, Blowers Parts and Ancillary Services

IFB-G-1200112, Blowers Parts and Ancillary Services for DWM

IFB-G 1200113, Various Lubricants

IFB-G-1200116, Runway Deicer

IFB-G-1200115, Electrical Components

IFB-G-Anti-Foam Water Additive

IFB-G-Ultraviolet Disinfection System and Related Components

IFB-G-1200142, Sewer Cleaner Equipment

IFB-G 1200210, Neptune Water Meters, Parts and Accessories

IFB-G - 1200250, Plumbing Parts and Supplies

IFB-G-1200217 Mobile Refuse Containers

IFB-G-1200272, Hydraulic Sewer Cleaning Hose

IFB-G-1200218, Repair Parts & Services for Motorcycles

IFB-G-1200219, Fuel Card Program

IFB-G-1200198, Repair Parts & Service for Off-Road & Construction Equipment

IFB-G-1200351, Parts and Service for Off-Road and Construction Equipment

IFB-G-1200218-2 Repair Parts and Services for Motorcycles

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