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Clean It Up Atlanta Amnesty Day

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Clean It Up Atlanta

Clean it up Atlanta!

The Department of Public Works is pleased to announce The “Clean It Up Atlanta!” Campaign, a concentrated effort to host citywide amnesty clean-up days monthly, where residents will not be fined for trash/debris around their property. Clean-ups will focus on clearing litter and debris in a different quadrant of the city each month. The program will run during the months of June through October.

Prior to each clean-up, the Solid Waste Education & Code Enforcement Team will conduct a sweep of the area to identify and address any code violations to give residents an opportunity to clean-up their property and surrounding areas. Enforcement officers will utilize education and enforcement measures to address code violations such as improper waste disposal, illegal dumping, illegal signs on the right-of-way, and other solid waste issues. Two weeks prior to the scheduled clean-up day, informational postcards/flyers will be distributed to residents living in the designated clean-up area.

Residents are encouraged to clean and remove debris from their property and place at the curbside. On amnesty clean-up day, Solid Waste Services will collect the material placed at the curbside. Properties that remain in violation after the clean-up may be subject to fines and or penalties for non-compliance.

The “Clean It Up Atlanta!” campaign is a partnership effort of Atlanta residents, the Departments of Public Works, Corrections, Atlanta Police Code Enforcement and the Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission.

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