Parking Services

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Parking is a key component of Atlanta's transportation system and plays a critical role in providing access to the places people want to go as all vehicular commutes begin and end with the need for parking.

The Office of Transportation Parking Services Team is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the City's metered on-street parking system
  • Residential permit parking
  • Valet permit parking 
  • Commercial loading and unloading Permitting of public parking lots and garages.

Public Parking Management Program & ATL Plus

The Public Parking Management Program, in association with ATLPlus, are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and revenue collection of parking meters as well as enforcement throughout the City of Atlanta.

  • For more information regarding the issuance of parking citations or to report problems with a meter please call toll free to 404.201.5396.

If you have comments or concerns related to public parking management and/or ATL Plus, we would like to hear from you. You may submit your comments and/or concerns to us by calling the Parking Program Office at 404.330.6501 or email.

Parking Administrative Review Program

As a convenience to the citizens, the Parking Administrative Review Program provides additional oversight for citations issued by ATLPlus. Our Parking Review Manager and Examiners are committed to weeding out erroneous and invalid citations upholding only those that are accurate and just. The administrative investigation and review of contested citations contributes to the overall goal of discouraging illegal parking by enforcing parking regulations within the city of Atlanta.

Residential Parking Permits

The City of Atlanta seeks to ensure adequate on-street parking for our residents and visitors. Motor vehicles bearing a special residential parking permit may park in excess of time limits posted on streets within certain areas known as resident permit parking areas (Ord. No. 2002-56,§ 1, Sec 150-159, 150-170). The Office of Transportation manages 16 Residential Permit Parking area throughout the City of Atlanta.

Valet Parking

To operate a Valet Parking service on City streets, businesses are required to obtain a Valet Parking permit. Valet Parking permits are good for one year and must be renewed annually. To obtain a Valet Parking permit, operators must meet all safety standards and provide documentation of sufficient liability insurance.

Public Parking Lots and Garages (Park-for-Hire)

The City of Atlanta Office of Transportation requires that all parking facilities that charge for parking obtain a Park-for-Hire permit. Park-for-Hire operators, property owners that use their land as a Park-for-Hire facility, must complete a Park-for-Hire permit application prior to the operation of a parking facility.

Temporary Use Lots/Special Event Parking (Temp-for-Hire)

The Office of Transportation allows for the temporary use of parking lots to accommodate for increased parking needs during special events. Temporary parking facilities used for parking near East Lake, Lakewood Amphitheatre, Mercedes Benz Stadium,Turner Field, etc. can be obtained by completing a Temp-for-Hire permit application.

Commercial Loading & Unloading

Access to commercial loading and unloading zones is managed by the Office of Transportation. Based on current regulations for the loading and unloading of certain commercial vehicles, applicants can obtain a permit for access to loading zones, managed by the City of Atlanta, and exemptions to metered on-street parking.


Contact Info

City of Atlanta
Department of Public Works
55 Trinity Avenue, SW Suite 4900
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel: 404.330.6501
Fax: 404.658.7552

Customer Service Tel:
Dial 311 (Metro Atlanta Area Only) or 404.546.0311 

Parking Services
Calvin Watts
Senior Parking Program Manager

Residential Parking or Commercial Loading and Unloading Permits
Vivian Blackmon

Park-for-Hire, Temp-for-Hire, or Valet Permits

Meter Closures
Carolyn Edwards-Herron


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