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ATLPlus, the City of Atlanta’s Department of Public Works, and the Atlanta Municipal court have partnered together in efforts to streamline the appeal process regarding parking tickets to enhance the customer service experience received by the public.

All appealed citations, within 14 days of the issuance of the citation, will be entered into a single source database to be reviewed by each entity.  All parking fees, including late fees, will be suspended during this process. 

All upheld citations reviewed by ATLPlus and the City of Atlanta’s DPW Parking Administrative Review Team will automatically be forwarded to the City of Atlanta’s Municipal Court for a court date assignment.  Customers assigned a court date must either pay the citation or appear in court.  Please be advised any customer failing to appear for their assigned court date may be issued a “failure to appear.”  

How to Submit an Appeal:

All appeals should be entered to and select "Appeal Citation". 

In Person: In the event that you do not have computer access, you must file your parking appeal form in person at 150 Garnett Street, Atlanta, GA 30303. Parking citation dispute forms may be filed in person or mailed to the same address.

Please include only of the following with your appeal:

  • Photos of the vehicle (in violation)
  • Photos of license plate
  • Screen shots of the Park Mobile App (be sure that the license plate number is visible)
  • Proof of Payment validating transaction amount.  
  • Additional Parkmobile vehicles (if you have additional vehicles listed in your app, please provide those license plate numbers as well)
  • Meter Receipt (only valid if tags match tag on receipt)
  • Handicap Placard/License Plate (with identification)
  • Vehicle of Registration
  • Vehicle Bill of Sale

If an appeal is related to having a permit to park in an area, be sure to include any documentation you have related to an issued permit. Documents may include:

  • Copy of Issued Permit
  • Photos of the vehicle (in violation)
  • Photos of license plate
  • Handicap Placard/License Plate
  • Paid Residential/Commercial Permit Invoice 
  • Commercial Parking Permit
  • Residential Parking Permit

You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your appeal submittal.  All upheld citations from ATL+ will automatically be forwarded to the City of Atlanta’s Parking Review Team, which you will be notified with another email.  The City of Atlanta’s Parking Review team will review the appealed citation.  If the COA Parking Review team upholds the citation, the citation will be forwarded to the Municipal Court for a court date.  The Municipal Court will send a letter to you directly to assign a court date.  At any time during this process, your appealed citation is dismissed, you will be notified by email.

Customer Feedback 

If you have a question about general parking information, or would like clarification on the determination of an citation appeal, you can e-mail For general parking information, it is best read the Help & FAQ section here, as the answer might be there already.

Lastly, please note that ‘Parking Feedback’ will only serve as a general parking inquiry. All citation appeals must follow the appeal process mentioned above.  

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