Temp-for-Hire Parking

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Special Event Parking Lots

The Office of Transportation issues permits to operate temporary parking facilities (temp-for-hire) during special events. These events typically include: concerts, conventions and sporting events. All temp-for-hire operators must obtain a permit prior to operating a parking facility. The permitting of a temporary use parking lot typically requires 21-30 days. All temp-for-hire applications undergo a review of the submitted materials, an evaluation of the relevant zoning regulations by the Department of City Planning - Office of Buildings and a safety inspection by the Department of Transportation. Temp-for-hire facilities must follow the ordinance of Temporary Use Parking Lot Permits.

To complete a temp-for-hire application the following materials must be provided: 

  • Temp-for-Hire Application
  • Warranty Deed or Management/Lease Agreement for the property where the proposed facility is to be located
  • Two site plans drawn to scale, no larger than 11" x 17" format
  • Written verification from the chief of police or his/her designee that the Atlanta Police Department has received notice of the applicant's intention to operate a lot at the address and location specified in the application

Permit Fees 

  • Temp-for-Hire fees are $25.00 per month, and up to two months may be purchased at the same time.

For questions related to temp-for-hire permits contact the Office of Transportation by phone 404.330.6501 or by email.

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