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Why do I need a permit to work in the public right-of-way?  When should I obtain a permit? How can I obtain a permit? The Department of Public Works Office of Transportation issues various permits for work in the public right-of-way.  Examples of such work may include installing or making repairs to a driveway apron or sidewalk; building a structure that requires a driveway apron; or tapping into an existing sewer/sanitary line.

Any disturbance to the public right of way requires a permit. Right-of-Way Permits are required for lane and road closures as well as other activities in the public right of way.  Applicants may be referred for this type of permit by the Office of Buildings in many cases.

If you would like to obtain a right-of-way permit, please visit the Office of Transportation located at Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue, SW, Suite 4500, Atlanta, GA 30303. You may also call for inquires at (404) 330-6501.


The City of Atlanta requires anyone performing work in the public right-of-way to obtain a permit to do so. Applicants must have the appropriate qualifications for performing work. Please provide the following along with your application:

  • Application Fee of $35 by certified funds.
  • Business License
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance with the ****City of Atlanta****as the certificate holder and a $3,000,000 aggregate ($1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate).
  • Performance and Completion Bond - required in the amount of the “value of the proposed work or to restore the public right-of-way to its condition prior to the commencement of work”. 
  • Two (2) copies of a drawing showing dimension of the work area (e.g.) driveway aprons, should show the length, width and depth of the apron and driveway. Plans must be sealed by a professional engineer or architect, or signed off by the City of Atlanta planning review Traffic Engineer.

Click here for Qualified Contractor Sidewalk, Driveway & Aprons Permit Application 

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Click here for Lane, Street & Sidewalk Closure Application 

Click here for Lane, Street & Sidewalk Closure Checklist 

Click here for Full Street Closure Application 

Click here for Full Street Closure Checklist

Click here for Residential Parking Permit Application

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For Atlanta Police Department Related Permits

Click here for Non-Construction Related Temporary Lane/Street Closures 

Click here for Temporary Noise Ordinance Variance


If you are seeking a building permit for private  property use, a review may be required by the Office of Solid Waste Services to determine the sewer capacity certification for a building conversion such as changing the use of an existing building.  This is an internal routing process by the Office of Buildings to the Office of Solid Waste Services.  The following requirements must be met.

All plans must have Fulton County Health Department's stamped approval prior to being routed to Solid Waste Services, with the exception of Single Family Homes Development.

Single Family Home Developments requiring Solid Waste containers for pick-up services, must submit a copy of the site plan to Solid Waste Services for review and to generate a memo to Fulton County Health Department stating the City of Atlanta Solid Waste Services can provide pick-up service. The memo is taken to Fulton County Health Department with sets of plans for Health Department approval.

Three (3) sets of plans must be submitted to Solid Waste Service for review/approval.

Condominium Developments: All developments with condominiums, townhomes or apartments consisting of six (6) or more living units, must furnish a sufficient number of Commercial Dumpsters or Compactor to adequately contain garbage. The number of living units allowed per eight (8) cubic yard dumpster is twenty-eight (28).

All Commercial Dumpsters must be screened on three sides by planting materials, a fence or wall of a height not less than six (6) feet tall and not more than eight (8) feet tall, from the public view of any public right of way and any abutting properties.

Your site plan must include:

  • Location of dumpsters, trash compactors.
  • Roadway width clearly marked.
  • Stamped plans approved by Fulton County Health Department.
  • Any documentation approved by the health department

Please refer to the Office of Buildings for any questions regarding this internal routing process


Click here for Right-of-Way Permit Fees


There are standard details for working in the City of Atlanta's public right-of-way.  The details outlined in this document must be followed for all permitted work.

Click here to view the Manual for Standard Details.

For additional information or to obtain a printed copy please contact:
Department of Public Works/Office of Transportation
City Hall South
55 Trinity Avenue SW, Suite 4900
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Telephone 404-330-6501


The Public Right of Way Manual is intended to serve as a reference to anyone needing general information regarding activities conducted under a permit, franchise agreement or special agreement within the City’s public right-of-way in the City of Atlanta (“City”). This manual is in its first edition and will be updated as necessary. It attempts to address typical issues and frequently asked questions. It does not include a discussion or information concerning every issue that may arise regarding the City’s public right-of-way.

For additional information or to obtain a printed copy please contact:
Department of Public Works/Office of Transportation
City Hall South
55 Trinity Avenue SW, Suite 4900
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Telephone 404-330-6501

Click here to view the Public Right of Way Manual. 


Have you recently had a good experience with our team? Do you have concerns about a permit you recently obtained? We are continually seeking ways to improve our contractor relations and improve the permitting process. Please speak to a supervisor to voice any concerns or questions you may have. We value your comments in assisting us with providing exceptional service to you!


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