Shareable Dockless Mobility Devices

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When we say “Shareable Dockless Mobility Device”, we are referring to the small, shareable transportation devices popping up around town such as electric scooters or bikes. Other similar terms that you may have heard include: ‘Dockless Devices’, ‘Micro-Mobility’, ‘Shared Mobility’, and others.

These devices provide an exciting new option for people to move around and we wish to support efforts to provide new transportation choices for Atlanta residents and visitors. Therefore, we created rules that provide an equal playing field for companies that allow these new devices to expand our mobility options while also protecting public health and safety.

On January 7, 2019 the City of Atlanta City Council voted to adopt Ordinance 18-O-1322 regulating the operations of Shareable Dockless Mobility Devices.

February & March 2019 Report

 Ride Right, Ride Safe

  • Do NOT ride on the sidewalk
  • Do ride where bikes are allowed:
    • bike lanes,
    • on shared use paths including on the BeltLine and in City Parks
    • on the street – in the rightmost lane
  • Do follow traffic laws
  • Do pay attention to where you’re riding
  • Do wear a helmet
  • Do ride one person per device
  • Do NOT use a cell phone while riding

Parking – Leave 5 feet & Keep it Neat

  • Do leave 5 feet clear for walking
  • Do NOT park on narrow sidewalks – keep riding until you find a good place to park
  • Do park at bike racks
  • Do park along the curb
  • Do park devices upright
  • Do NOT block crosswalks, doorways, driveways, or anything else!
  • Do NOT park at a Relay Bikeshare Station
  • Do NOT park on vegetation or landscaping


 Dockless Riding  Dockless Parking

Dockless Mobility Device Permit
The Ordinance establishes the development of a Shareable Dockless Mobility Device Permit. The City of Atlanta is now accepting Shareable Dockless Mobility Device Permit Applications for up to 2,000 devices. 

Annual Permit Application

The City will continue to extend a grace period through January 31, 2019 during which Operations will continue to be allowed to operate without a Permit. Beginning February 1, 2019 all Shareable Dockless Mobility Device Operators must be permitted through the City of Atlanta.

The City of Atlanta is permitting temporary fleet maximums effective from 12:01 AM February 1, 2019 through 11:59 PM February 4, 2019. The Temporary Fleet Expansion Permit will allow operators to permit up to 1,000 additional devices. To apply for a temporary fleet expansion in compliance with the temporary fleet maximum complete the following application: 

Temporary Fleet Expansion Permit Application

The Ordinance also establishes a set of Administrative Regulations that applies to Shareable Dockless Mobility Device Permit holders: 

Administrative Rules and Regulations for Permit Holders 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a helmet required to ride?
We strongly encourage you to use a helmet while riding a scooter or bike, but it is not required by law for adults over the age of 16. 

Is there an age requirement for riding?
The City of Atlanta does not have an age requirement. However, each company sets their own age policy. Check with each company to verify their requirements.

Can my child or friend ride with me on the same device?
No. Only one rider per scooter or bike is allowed.

Can I use my cell phone while I ride?
No. Using a cell phone while operating these devices can lead to distraction and create a dangerous situation. Wait until you park before using your cell phone for any reason.

What if I get injured either while I ride or by another rider?
Contact 911. Injuries may need to be treated by emergency services. The Atlanta Police Department will also document the location and circumstances of any crashes or injuries, which helps us improve safety.

I found a device that is parked illegally or broken. Who should I call?
Notify the company if a device needs to be fixed or moved:

     Bird Scooter  black and white (866) 205-2442, or in-app
     Jump Scooter  bright orange and black (844) 505-9155 or
     Jump Bike  bright orange and black (833) 300-6106 or
     Lime Scooter  green, black, and white (888) 546-3345,, or in-app
     Lyft Scooter  pink/purple stripes (877) 452-6699 or in-app

What if I have my own e-scooter or e-bike? 
Great! We applaud your use of this non-car mode of transportation. You still need to follow all the rules regulating riding and parking these devices.

How will the City enforce these new laws?

  • The Department of City Planning will issue Permits and enforce the conditions of the Permit for each company operating.
  •  The Department of Public Works will enforce appropriate parking of all devices. They will monitor the sidewalks and streets and remove devices as necessary.
  •  The Atlanta Police Department will monitor and enforce appropriate riding behavior. 
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