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Office of Innovation Delivery and Performance

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Director | Matt Malament

The Mayor’s Office of Innovation Delivery and Performance is charged with driving meaningful progress and tangible results on the Administration’s top priorities in partnership with City operating departments and external partners. The Office houses the Innovation Delivery Team and Focus On Results (FOR) Atlanta program.

The Innovation Delivery Team is a special projects team that drives progress on the Mayor’s top-priority challenges by working collaboratively with staff and partners to identify the best ideas, prioritize them by feasibility and impact, structure implementation plans, and secure the resources and support necessary for successful delivery. The Innovation Delivery Team was initially formed through a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies. In the past, the Team has worked on reducing homelessness, including connecting over 1,000 of Atlanta’s most vulnerable homeless citizens to permanent housing, and improving customer service, including launching ATL311.

Focus on Results (FOR) Atlanta is the City’s performance management program, charged with delivering tangible and lasting improvements across City services. The FOR Atlanta Team works in close collaboration with departments to track key performance indicators and identify opportunities to improve service efficiency and quality through data-driven decision-making, business process efficiencies, organizational strategies and technology applications. Since its inception in 2013, the program has tracked over 150 customer-oriented performance metrics, partnering with departments to drive a 45% citywide improvement in the number of customer service requests completed on time.

Introducing the new FOR Atlanta City performance website. Click here to see performance data on City Departments.


Contact Information

City of Atlanta
Mayor’s Office of Innovation Delivery & Performance
55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 2400
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Matt Malament
Director of Innovation & Performance
Tel: (404) 330-6904
Matthew Bartleet
Deputy Director, Budget & Performance
Tel: (404) 330-6794

Dawn Gregory
Deputy Director, Innovation
Tel: (404) 865-8711


DataAtlanta is a one stop shop for all of the City’s data transparency efforts, working to make Atlanta world-class open data city.

Current Focus Area: Fiscal Resilience:
In 2014, the Innovation Delivery Team and Focus on Results (FOR) Atlanta program joined forces to tackle a new focus area: fiscal resilience, taking dramatic steps to cut costs and optimize revenue through creative approaches and partnerships. A fiscally resilient city is one that:
  • Has robust and diverse revenue streams that enable the City to recover from economic shocks
  • Has lean service delivery allowing for effective operations even in times of economic distress
  • Has flexible systems that enable the City to adapt to changing market dynamics
  • Creatively leverages the private sector to develop partnerships that enhance the city
  • Ensures that short-term revenue strategies are aligned with long-term and strategic goals
  • Strives for continual improvement in customer service by creating more efficient and flexible means of interacting with the city
Between April-June 2014, the Team staffed Mayor Reed’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Waste and Efficiency in Government, which is tasked with generating recommendations for the FY15, FY16, and FY17 budget cycles that will enable the City to begin tackling its $1.1B infrastructure backlog. The team is currently partnering collaboratively with departments and key stakeholders to identify, design, and implement the best solutions to address the recommendations set forth by the Commission and prioritized by the Mayor. 

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