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Capital Projects: City Managed Facilities and Fleet

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Recognizing the significant infrastructure challenges the City of Atlanta faces, the Reed Administration is committed to establishing a viable path to making investments that will put Atlanta’s infrastructure on stable footing. This not only includes finding a funding path to support investment in the City’s $1B infrastructure backlog for public assets and infrastructure, but it also involves making a commitment to ensure that the City’s operational infrastructure and assets are in good working order.

The FY 2013 State of the City’s Facility Infrastructure & Fleet Inventory Report is the most recent and comprehensive inventory of General Fund physical assets owned by the City. It provides a centralized assessment of the condition of each facility and prioritizes the future investments needed for both facilities and fleet. See the full report for objectives, caveats, prioritization criteria, results, and recommendations. Highlights include:

  • The database covers 94 owned properties and represents over 3.1 million square feet of capital assets.
  • Full funding of facility improvement needs will require approximately $130.8M, with $56.2M in High priority, $71.9M in Medium priority, and $2.7M in Low priority
  • There are 1,882 vehicles in the City’s rolling Fleet with a total replacement value of $103.8M. There are 382 vehicles overdue for replacement which amount to $26.5M.

For more information on the data used in the creation of the 2013 Facility and Infrastructure & Fleet Inventory Report, please see the below:

Additional information on the prior 2010 Infrastructure Assessment is available in the 2010 State of the City’s Facility Infrastructure & Fleet Inventory Report.

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