Large Gathering Permit Application

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Large Gathering Guidelines and Application

A Large Gathering is an event with 75 attendees or more gathered for an hour or more on public or private property.  


  • There is a $ 50.00 application fee for Large Gathering Permits
  • There is no Permit Fee for a Large Gathering Permits
  • A Large Gathering permit does not include the privilege to vend food, merchandise, goods or services.
  • Large Gatherings requiring street or lane closures must submit a temporary street/lane closure sub-permit application.  There is an additional $50.00 application fee associated with this sub-permit.
  • Permits to sell/serve alcohol at a Large Gathering must be processed through the License Review Board.  Additional information on this process can be found in the Large Gathering Application.


If an assembly is associated with the event, per the outdoor event ordinance, chapter 142-81(1) you must submit an assembly application along with the large gathering application.

Chapter 142-81(1): "Where an outdoor festival or large gathering: i) has a discreet component that involves organized group   movement from one location to another, and ii) the organized group movement meets the definition above of assembly, then the moving component alone shall be considered an assembly. The applicant must receive an outdoor festival permit or large gathering permit, as appropriate, for the non-moving component of the outdoor event, and an assembly permit for the moving component of the outdoor event." 


The following events are not considered a “Large Gathering:”

  • Events occurring on private residential property, when the property is being used as a residence at the time of the Outdoor Event.  Show homes or vacant homes do not qualify for this exemption.
  • Events occurring on private property where the building is utilized on a regular basis, no less than on a weekly basis, for conducting classes and/or worship services, and where the Outdoor Event has no greater than 500 attendees i.e. a church, synagogue, mosque, or school.


The above events do not require outdoor event permits from the City of Atlanta, but require sub-permits for any applicable event elements such as tents, stages, street closures, generators, etc.   There are waiver forms that must be completed before these sub-permits can be issued.  For more information, contact the Special Events Office.


Effective March 8, 2010, the Large Gathering Application must be completed with ALL required documents and attachments and submitted by mail or in person 30 days prior to the start date of the event. Incomplete applications submitted after the 30 day deadline will be denied.  Because the application fee must be submitted with the actual application, emailed and faxed application will not be accepted. 

Large Gathering Permit Application

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