Sub-Permit Applications

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Important: If you are not submitting an Outdoor Event Application (Outdoor Festival, Large Gathering, Large Gathering in a Park or Assembly Permit application) and you still need a sub-permit for a tent, temporary structure or temporary street/lane closure, you are required to fill out the sub-permit explanation form. All sub-permit applications and supporting documents must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the start date of the event to the Mayor’s Office of Special Events.  Electrical Permits are the only exception. They can be submitted directly to the Electrical Division. All Sub-Permit Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the start date of the event to the Mayor’s Office of Special Events. Please see the fee structure page for information on any associated fees.


A Temporary Street/Lane Closure Permit is required if you are closing all or a portion of a City Street.    There is a fee associated with this permit.  You will also be required to hire a POST-certified security coordinator before the permit is approved.  For more information, contact Atlanta Police Department Special Operations Section at 404-209-5260. 
If you are closing off all of a portion of a City street for construction or entertainment filming purposes, or if you are closing off a City sidewalk to pedestrian traffic, you will need to get the permit from the Office of Transportation.  The application here is NOT the one associated with the Office of Transportation.  Please contact 404-330-6501 for this permit application.

Street/Lane Closure Sub-Permit Application


A Fire Tent Permit is needed if you have:
• Tents or Canopies larger than 10x10
• Multiple 10x10 tents or canopies that are spaced closer that 12 feet apart
Be sure to include a certificate of flame resistance for each size tent/canopy with your application.  There is a fee associated with this application.  For more information, contact the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department Inspections Division at 404- 546-7000.

Tent Sub-Permit Application

Cooking Sub-Permit Application

Flammable/Combustible Liquid Sub-Permit Application



A Temporary Structures Permit is needed if you have a:
• A stage/platform that is 100 sq. ft (10x10) or larger
• Bleachers, trusses, arches or any other element that is constructed on-site

Be sure to include structural plans for all stages/platforms with your application.  These plans must be stamped and signed by a GA licensed architect or engineer if the structure is 200 square feet or larger.  There is a fee associated with this application.  Mobile stages (provided they have current motor vehicle registration) do not require a permit from the Bureau of Buildings. For more information, contact the Bureau of Buildings at 404-330-6150.

Pre-Screen Application-Bureau of Buildings

An electrical permit is required for all events utilizing gas and electric generators.  Electrical permits must be received directly from the Bureau of Buildings-Electrical Division.   Please be advised that there are fees associated with this permit and in many cases, an on-site inspection must be scheduled prior to event commencing.   Generators 5,000 watts or larger can only be permitted by a licensed electrician.  For more information, contact 404-330-8550.

Electrical Permit Application

Alcohol Sub Permit Application


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