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Take A Stand
The “Take a Stand” campaign offers resources to both women and men on how to guard their personal safety or get help quickly in the event of an emergency.

Atlanta Cities of Service Project
Founded in New York City on September 10, 2009 by 17 mayors from cities around the nation, Cities of Service is a bipartisan coalition of mayors who have committed to work together to engage citizens in a multi-year effort to address pressing city needs through impact volunteerism. The coalition includes more than 100 mayors, representing more than 49 million Americans across the nation.

Cities of Service supports mayors to leverage citizen service strategies, addressing local needs and making government more effective. All Cities of Service efforts are characterized by a concept called “impact volunteering” – volunteer strategies that target community needs, use best practices, and set clear outcomes and measures to gauge progress.

LBGT Services
The Mayor’s Adviser on LGBT Issues counsels on matters arising on the local, state and national levels. She also works with community groups to identify strategies for achieving equal protection and treatment for Atlanta’s LGBT residents, workers and visitors.

Citizen's Advocate
The Citizens’ Advocate provides residents and business owners with an identifiable point of contact within the City of Atlanta to help them resolve problems that have failed to be addressed through traditional channels in various departments.

Atlanta Workforce Development Agency
The Atlanta Workforce Development Agency is Atlanta's One Stop for employment and training for Atlanta Residents and employers. Job seekers, youth, and employers will find AWDA a valuable resource for employment and training needs.

Unsheltered No More 
Unsheltered No More is an effort to improve cross-agency collaboration and community partnership around homelessness. Over the long term, Unsheltered No More seeks to catalyze a new level of coordination among all of the public, private, nonprofit, and faith-based organizations that serve the homeless—and to set Atlanta on a path to meeting the federal government’s goal of ending chronic and veteran homelessness by 2015.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI)
The Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative is the only city-endowed initiative of its kind, in the nation. WEI is a community-facing initiative aimed at amplifying opportunities for scalability, growth and sustainability for early stage company-building women entrepreneurs. The initiative serves as a resource for empowering successful and sustainable for-profit and non-profit ventures that are women-owned and women-led, with incubation to support their traction.

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