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We are working tirelessly to restore normal operations to our city – a task we cannot do without the tremendous efforts from our employees. To ensure you have the most up-to date information, the page below contains relevant Frequently Asked Questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Were our emails impacted by the ransomware cyberattack?

A: AIM and other security resources are still investigating the cyberattack. The City has email functionality, but is continuing to monitor all of our systems.  That said, everyone should always be careful when using email. 

Q: Are City employees able to access emails?

A:  At this time, all City employees have access to their emails.

Q: How will we be notified when we can regain secure access to the City’s network?

A: The city has implemented a new employee notification system, NotifyATL, that will be used to inform you of critical work-related information by text, email and phone calls. If you have not yet registered, please do so. NotifyATL will be used for notifications in the future, so all employees will need to register to receive these work-related alerts. Go to the employee alert portal ( and click the sign-up link.

Q: I was signed into the City’s Wi-Fi network on my personal mobile, should I be worried?

A: This is an ongoing investigation, and it is highly encouraged that you closely monitor all devices that may have been connected to the City Wi-Fi at the time of the incident. 

Q: Will this impact clocking in and out via Kronos?

A: If you are using the time clocks, please continue to clock in and out as normal. The time clock will hold punches until the system is restored. If you are using the Kronos application or Teletime, you will need to manually document your time and report it to your immediate manager.

Q: Is it safe to power-on (and use) my city issued devices?

A: Employees are now able to turn on their devices. When connecting to the internet, employees can only use their city-issued mobile devices (e.g. mobile phone, tablet and laptop) via a Mobile Wi-Fi (Mi-Fi) hotspot.

Q: If working remotely, is it safe to connect to my personal in-home Wi-Fi network or to my personal Hotspot connection?  

A: Yes, when working remotely and not using a City issued Mi-Fi, please be sure your wireless network is secure. Public Wi-Fi networks are an easy target for hackers as explained in our previous Security Awareness Training modules. Also, please be advised to not attempt to connect to the City’s VPN.

Q: How can I safely gain access to my emails remotely?  

A: When accessing emails, sign onto Office 365 ( to access Outlook.

Q: Can I safely send emails to external customers? 

A: Yes, you can send emails from your City account. Our cloud-based operating system was not affected by the cyberattack.   

Q: Can I attach documents from other applications and safely send to external customers, if needed? 

A: Yes, you can still send attachments to externals customers.   

Q: Will I be able to safely access my OneDrive account? 

A: Yes, OneDrive also operates on the cloud-based system; therefore, you can still upload, save, download, edit, etc. from your OneDrive account.  

Q: If I have questions or concerns, who should I contact? 

A: AIM Service Desk at (404) 546-4246. 

Employee Timekeeping Questions 

How can I keep record of time?  How do I clock in and out?

If you are using the time clocks, please continue to clock in and out as normal. Do not use Kronos web application to document your time.  If you usually use any Kronos application other than the time clock, document your time using the manual timesheets.  

How will employees be paid on Friday?

Employees will be paid through the same method that they currently use.  This process is not expected to change.

Will employees be paid for Overtime Hours worked? 

Hours paid will be based on the number of hours that were submitted and verified through Kronos.


For any additional questions, please contact your manager or department head.

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